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Why You Should Add a PortMA Analyst to Your Team

There are a lot of great tools available to the event marketer when trying to integrate touch-points and gather data. I was recently reading about Splash which looks like a fantastic event and data-management software tool. You’ve also got the old standards like Eventbrite and the comprehensive (and... [Read more...]

How to Organize a Team of Remote Knowledge Workers (Article 2 of 2)

Cloud-based tools don’t make the collaborative team, how the team engages those tools does.  Here are some thoughts on how to make sure your team stays on the same page, regardless of where they station their station.     It’s one thing to adopt the right cloud-based tools to a team... [Read more...]

How to Organize a Team of Remote Knowledge Workers (Article 1 of 2)

In this article we share some of our internal methods and designs to managing the remote work we do.  We’ll share with you our project management tools, how we use them, and what we’ve learned.       Work life is changing (or maybe it’s changed and it’s time to drop the “ing”... [Read more...]

The Key to Collecting Consistent Field Staff Data

We see a lot of different techniques used to collect field staff data. We also see a lot of different metrics and questions used to collect that data. Let me take a second to comment on what we see, what works, and what does not.     GETTING FIELD STAFF RECAP DATA First thing’s first, you... [Read more...]

Why Deliver an Event Marketing Status Report (and How to Make Your Next One Great)

When was the last time you did a status report for your experiential marketing campaign? Ohhhh the lowly status report, they are so easy to forget and are sometimes removed from the project completely. You get your event marketing program up and running, field staff are showing up. Your consumers... [Read more...]

The Purpose Behind Consumer Targeting in Event Marketing

Almost every brand has what our team calls a “consumer target.”  This is the type of man, woman, boy, or girl, that they want their marketing efforts to reach most directly. These targets are made up of multiple demographic categories including (but not limited to): age, gender,... [Read more...]

How to Do a Focus Group at your Next Event (and Why)

A consumer event is great a place for any brand to participate. Where else can you engage consumers around your value proposition where they live, work, and play? Fairs and festivals, NASCAR and the PGA, wine tastings and the mall – all are opportunities to connect with consumers on the level of... [Read more...]

How to use In-Depth Interviews to Discover Consumer Preference

Interviews are important in the data gathering process because everyone sees the world differently. Yet, some common threads bind us together into distinct groups. These groups can be consumer segments. Each group contains people with a common worldview that, when understood through interviews, can... [Read more...]

How Many Samples per Hour?

We wrapped up measurement on a 10-month sampling campaign for an adult beverage brand today. The program spanned 9 markets and distributed over 80,000 samples to more than 65,000 consumers.     Major Metric Categories We favor three categories of metrics in most of our experiential measurement... [Read more...]

Event Marketing ROI Measurement Model and Benchmarks (Article 2 of 2)

In this article we outline how to value impressions and the role impression value plays in measuring event marketing ROI. You’ve done the hard work, collecting accurate data from each of the five categories of event marketing impressions that we listed on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 (Article).   Now... [Read more...]

Event Marketing ROI Measurement Model and Benchmarks (Article 1 of 2)

Learn how we’ve modeled experiential marketing ROI for more than 130 brand engagements over the past six years. Read the details on how to do it yourself with our event measurement coaching tools.     We base the return-on-investment model for experiential marketing on the simple division... [Read more...]

How to Measure the Influence of Your Communication

All communication is an attempt to exert influence. We communicate verbally and non-verbally in a hundred different ways every day to help navigate the world we live in by exerting pressure on our environment to bend one way or another. Whether we are requesting a better deal from a vendor or saying... [Read more...]

How a Fast-Paced Agency Gets Their Blogs Done

We get a lot of compliments on our blog. It’s good. It’s insightful.  It’s thoughtful. It’s informative. We’re proud of it. Our goal is to publish regular, authentic content that is a real reflection of who we are and the work we do. How do we do it? Read on!       More... [Read more...]

Watch Event Marketing Event Marketing Performance: How to Report It

There are a lot of ways to count. There are as many tools, apps, and consultants available with different ways to count the activities of your event marketing campaign. However, if you don’t have a solid reporting plan in mind, you’ll be stuck with a spreadsheet of data and a blank PowerPoint template... [Read more...]

Framing Event Marketing Value for Client and Brand Teams

There are three, simple questions that, when answered properly, allow for the full management and assessment of an event marketing campaign’s value or ROI. You (your team, client, or manager) would like to better understand the overall program ROI, what drives it, and when. This enables them to do... [Read more...]

Event Marketing Consumer and the Purchase Cycle

We can help you learn how to apply an understanding of consumer purchase cycles to event marketing measurement to understand exactly why your marketing is working (or not). We’re assuming you’ve watched training video #2. If you haven’t, the first thing you need to do is sign-up for a free “bronze”... [Read more...]

Experiential Marketing and On-premise Depletion Data

Not too long ago, an agency partner came to me and asked about an analysis completed by the brand team. It showed their program didn’t drive sales. They asked me to take a closer look. We found the problem. It had nothing to do with the experiential marketing program.   The Best On-premise Depletion... [Read more...]

Event Marketing and Customer Lifetime Value

When invited to ask us anything, one of our blog readers asked: “What do you think is the best way to calculate customer lifetime value?” Read on for my response and a deeper understanding of how to valuate the customers created by your event marketing. Hi Chris, What do you think is the best... [Read more...]

Auditing Sampling Staff in Event Marketing

Over the past decade, I’ve seen hundreds of event marketing campaigns. For most of them, I have been in the unique position of measuring the reach, impact, and ROI of the campaign itself. I’ve found that, regardless of how impressive the footprint or how spectacular the creative, at the end of the... [Read more...]

The One Reason to Not Report Event Marketing ROI

Brands want to know their ROI on event marketing. Agencies want to provide it. And this is usually a great idea. However, there is one situation where you might want to think twice. At PortMA, we specialize in working with event marketing agencies to develop measurement and reporting solutions for the... [Read more...]

Sampling and On-site Sales in Experiential Marketing

Not all product categories, brands, activation times, and campaigns are equal. There is a lot that goes into retail sampling in experiential marketing. We’ve seen hand-selling reach 50% of engagements and we’ve seen it at zero. So, what it is about retail sampling that drives on-site sales? Let’s... [Read more...]

Experiential Marketing Impressions, Interactions, and Immersions

When deciding what you want your experiential marketing field staff to report, it’s easy and common to get caught up in the matter of what means what. If the meaning is not clear to you, it is not clear to your field staff either. Using standard definitions can keep reporting and analysis consistent. Consistency... [Read more...]

event impressions How to Obtain a Full Count of Your Event Impressions

Event impressions have real monetary value. You do a lot to generate meaningful event impressions of the brands you serve. However, it can be difficult to demonstrate, or otherwise prove, that those event impressions had some sort of actual value. Let me tell you how to do it. At PortMA, we work with... [Read more...]

event marketing benchmarks How to Use Event Marketing Benchmarks to Predict Experiential ROI

What if you could accurately predict Experiential or Event Marketing return on investment in response to a client’s RFP? Would that be helpful? Of course! We work with Agencies to develop custom, predictive, return-on-investment models for their campaigns. When delivered to the brand team as... [Read more...]

experiential marketing Using Experiential Marketing Benchmarks

We’re excited to make our benchmarking database base available to agencies, brands, and industry vendors. This database is comprised of over 200,000 consumer interviews as they exit the event sets from over 75 brands. It tells you exactly how different industries trend, how venues differ, and what... [Read more...]

event marketing Collecting Event Marketing Field Staff Data

We see a lot of different techniques used to collect field staff data. And we see a lot of different metrics and questions used. Let me take a second to comment on what we see, what works, and what does not.     Getting Field Staff Recap Data First thing’s first, you need to get the data... [Read more...]

event measurement How to Launch an Event Measurement Effort

There is typically a lot of anxiety around the launch of an event measurement project. Typically the stakeholders have… well… a lot at stake. They’re embarking on a process that they probably don’t entirely understand that will result directly in an evaluation of how well they’re doing their... [Read more...]

ROI Modeling Return-on-Investment of In-Store Demos

I had the pleasure of speaking with the team at Shopper Events about strategies for modeling return-on-investment (ROI) for retail product demos. One of the things we discussed was how to think about ROI and the role it plays in business. We also talked about making it simple – something everyone... [Read more...]

Event Measurement Why Should You Outsource Your Event Measurement?

There are a lot of great tools available to the event marketer when trying to integrate touch-points and gather data. I was recently reading about Splash which looks like a fantastic event and data-management software tool. You’ve also got the old standards like Eventbrite and the comprehensive (and... [Read more...]

marketing insights Where do Experiential Marketing Insights Come From?

Ask three people in the industry what constitutes a “consumer insight” and you’ll get three different answers, if you get any answer at all. I used to believe that consumer insights were some definitive thing that would always “wow” the room, and create value in its wake. It was the... [Read more...]

Customer Value Calculating Customer Value In Event ROI Models

There are several different ways to calculate customer value when modeling your event return-on-investment. Customer value as a dollar figure is used to identify how much revenue was generated by the event. When divided by costs, the result is a simple Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculation. Annualized... [Read more...]

brand sales How To Distinguish Between Category Sales and Brand Sales

It’s not uncommon for a brand team to turn to experiential sampling when they are trying to stem the flow of customers away from the brand. Churn scares everyone and, when it spikes, we all take notice. To understand the performance of your marketing, it’s important to separate between churn... [Read more...]

actual purchase Why ‘Actual Purchase’ Is The Wrong Event Marketing Metric

At PortMA we design data collection plans, collect data, analyze, and report for 30 to 40 brands/event marketing campaigns a year. In almost every case, the goal is to generate sales, service adoption, or some revenue generating behavior. Therefore, one of our primary objectives as the analysts on the... [Read more...]

Good Event Measurement The Path to Good Event Measurement

I enjoyed presenting to a group of Meeting and Event industry leaders today. The guest list included senior management from Fortune 100 IT, Pharma, and Direct Sales companies. All of them believed that events are a key part of the future marketing mix for their company. However, only some believed they... [Read more...]

Six Things You Can Do to Increase Event Marketing Response Six Things You Can Do In Event Marketing to Increase Response

This post contains a magnificent set of six, scientifically-proven principles that, when combined, can create a road map to improved experiental marketing success. Each idea can be used ethically and, often without cost, to radically increase the impact of your event marketing. All you have to do is... [Read more...]

Event ROI Industry Trends: Event ROI Measurement 2013 vs 2014

I recently spoke with an executive team at an event marketing agency about how to measure events. We’re preparing for a conference at which PortMA was hired to provide a workshop on event and meeting return-on-investment (ROI) measurement methods.     Event ROI Measurement: 2013 versus... [Read more...]

Quality Versus Quantity in Event Marketing

I reviewed two recap reports recently in two very different industries. Each had a quality versus quantity issue. And this painted a rich story of performance and value for the brands. First… let me give you some background on how we got to the data for the recaps in the first place.   We... [Read more...]

The Jack Phillips Method to Measuring Meetings and Events (An Introduction)

Most of the measurement discussions on this website and in the event marketing industry are about measuring mobile tours, sampling programs, and larger experiential footprints. But what about all the employee events? What about the annual pharmaceutical sales rep meetings or the annual users’ conference?... [Read more...]

Using Event Marketing Field Reports to Develop Actionable Insights

We just finished reviewing a recap report internally that will go to our agency client, and then the brand team, in the next couple days. We really dug into the data provided by field staff  and found some interesting stories. However, the stories weren’t all readily apparent at first. We had... [Read more...]

Event Marketing ROI Versus Predicting Event Marketing ROI

Event marketing ROI (return-on-investment) comes in two forms in most of our work. And unfortunately, the two forms are often confused. The first is a planning tool and the second is a outcome estimate. Let me see if I can clarify the two in this brief blog update. If you’re looking for information... [Read more...]

How to Build a Story in an Event Recap Report

All reporting is a story telling process. You need to bring your reading audience through an experience that helps them not only relive the activation but also understand the impact and value from the consumers’ point of view. You’re successful when the account team and brand manager understand... [Read more...]

Tactical Versus Strategic Data and Reporting

I recently met with a large NGO Bank in Washington DC. We had a great conversation with one of their data and analytic teams talking about how to organize 1,500 writers under a standardized blogging initiative. Their challenge was: How do we convince so many professional, subject-matter experts that... [Read more...]

Consumer Purchase Cycles and Event Marketing Return-on-Investment

There are many theories of consumer purchase cycles. Some are overly complicated and others overly simple. As a team of market researchers specializing in the measurement of event marketing, we find it our business to study these cycles and see how they prove out in practice. (And we’ve had a fair... [Read more...]

Building Communication Strategies that Drive Behavioral Change

I delivered research results to a dozen education professionals recently who wanted to develop a stronger alignment between how they communicate value and what the community they serve finds valuable. It was an amazing process, from which a great set of actionable data was gleaned. Many assumptions were... [Read more...]

Recap Reporting, Brand Strategy, and Event Marketing Measurement (Part 5 of 5)

In the first four parts of this five part series we talked about measuring event marketing, capturing the reach of your events, understanding event marketing impact, and event marketing ROI. This last post in the series is about reporting. All of your hard work is for nothing, if you don’t deliver... [Read more...]

Recap Reporting, Brand Strategy, and Event Marketing Measurement (Part 4 of 5)

In this five part series, we discussed the overall measurement strategy we recommend when you’re challenged with how to measure event marketing. It starts with getting a clear understanding of the consumers your event is reaching and following this by how your sampling is impacting their future... [Read more...]

Recap Reporting, Brand Strategy, and Event Marketing Measurement (Part 3 of 5)

In part two of this five part series we talked about the idea of reach in event-based marketing measurement. We reported on standard benchmarks for average samples her hour. We also addressed the idea that the volume of consumers reached is irrelevant, if you’re not reaching the right consumer.... [Read more...]

Recap Reporting, Brand Strategy, and Event Marketing Measurement (Part 2 of 5)

Welcome to the second in our five-part series about Recap Reporting, Brand Strategy, and Event Marketing Measurement. In our first article we discussed reaching the right consumer, changing their purchase behavior, and generating a return on investment. In this article we move on to “Reach.” How... [Read more...]

Event Presentation Recap Reporting, Brand Strategy, and Event Marketing Measurement (Part 1 of 5)

I started working in the Experiential Marketing Industry in 2005. Since then I’ve seen a lot of recap reports. My first job in the industry was to help a top-notch agency work on their recap reporting and plus them up a notch. So I got to it and started reviewing every past recap report I could... [Read more...]

Message to Market Match in Product Sampling

We presented the findings from a 17-week, 22-market sampling program today. The brand reached over 100,000 consumers over the course of 17 weeks with a message focused on new ways to enjoy the product.     In any experiential program, the primary measurement goals should focus in on three areas: Reach:... [Read more...]

Travel & Leisure Event Marketing Quality vs. Quantity

Yesterday we presented to an agency partner on a travel and leisure industry mobile tour. This is the third year we’ve been called in the help measure this travel and leisure tour. It’s always nice to have the year-over-year comparisons to understand how different activation strategies change... [Read more...]

How To Estimate the Dollar Value of Event Marketing Impressions

We know impressions generated from event marketing have a value. If impressions didn’t have value, then the media publishing industry wouldn’t exist. The question is, what is the value of those event marketing impressions? Ad Value Equivalence (AVE) Modeling We start by assuming the value... [Read more...]

The Importance of Hitting the Demographic Target

I just reviewed a mid-program recap report focused on a sampling campaign’s performance at the half-way point.  The goal of the program is to expose consumers to the category and brand with a distinct ethnic demographic target. Sampling The Right People The first thing we check for is how often... [Read more...]

Response Rate Benchmarks from Post-Event Surveys

Here is what I know… the longer you wait, the lower the response rate.  At two to three months out I would expect a 4 to 6% response rate but wouldn’t’ be surprised if we got a 9 or 10% return. Why should you survey consumers after an event? It’s critical to have feedback on... [Read more...]

What is Actionable Event Data?

People often talk about making event data actionable.  And so often they deliver data labeled as actionable that simply isn’t.  So let’s take a second here to define what actionable event data is and how to make sure your collecting it. ​First, it is important to understand, for our purposes... [Read more...]

Building an Agency by Doing Good Work at a Fair Price

Summary: PortMA is an agency dedicated to helping Event and Experiential Agencies with the measurement and reporting aspects of their campaigns. At PortMA, we work only with other agencies. While you’ll see an impressive list of brands on our website portfolio page, it’s the agency list that... [Read more...]

Actual Versus Intended Post-Event Behavior

Summary: There are several ways to measure the impact of your events. You can review sales immediately after an event, you can ask people what they intend to buy after the event, or you can interview them a few months later and ask them what they bought. Reviewing Sales Figures After an Event Reviewing... [Read more...]

The PortMA Event Recap Review Process

Conventional wisdom tells us to never put the cart before the horse. The problem is that we often misapply that axiom. We have discovered that the event recap process is more like mapping a route on your GPS. First, you enter your destination. Then you determine the best way to get there. We follow a... [Read more...]

New Product CPG and Experiential Impact

We’re monitoring a retail sampling campaign where the vast majority of consumers (81.9%) had never head of the brand before they came across the retail activation. We find it’s key to measure a consumer’s experience with a brand when evaluating the impact of any experiential marketing... [Read more...]

Training Your Team on Event Marketing ROI Benchmarks

A big part of implementing a clear measurement and reporting process in your experiential agency is training your staff how to change the way they think and relate to event marketing data. So often, data is a point of anxiety for account managers: field staff exaggerate impression counts, the year-to-date... [Read more...]

Using Last Year’s Experiential Recap to Plan Next Year’s Program

It’s all about predictive modeling.  You want to use what you learned from last time to do it better next time.  This happens when you can model what was done. Modeling Event Marketing Performance We use a three stage model.  Start with how efficiently the marketing reached consumers with a... [Read more...]

Where Event Measurement Becomes Actionable

We recapped a three market sampling pilot for an agency partner today.  It’s not uncommon for our agency partners to ask us to fly with them to the brands they serve and take the lead on the insights and analytics of the recap.  That was today. This particular program was a three market pilot... [Read more...]

Using Research to Know What You Don’t Know

Qualitative research is a discovery process designed at it’s core to reveal things you didn’t even suspect might be true.  (Survey research validates these assumptions.) We just finished a qualitative research study around how consumers think about, use, and truly understand the nature of... [Read more...]

Measuring Events Is As Much Compassion As It Is Skill

We’ll be delivering a recap report tomorrow that highlights the success of a marketing campaign, the integration of that campaign into a sampling program, and how the combination of the two drove purchase among consumers. This wasn’t an easy study. There are often a lot of interested parties... [Read more...]

Extending Your Agency Brand with Measurement

I wrote a strategy today that focused on building out a fully customized experiential measurement strategy that is unique to the one Agency and something no-one else will do. A Problem With Experiential Measurement The mandate seems problematic on the surface. First of all, what we do for each and every... [Read more...]

3 Steps to Really Making Experiential Metrics Actionable

I’m writing this on a plane coming back from the first two cities of a four city tour. We’ve been measuring the impact of experiential marketing for one Fortune 500 brand for four years now and have most recently found the following areas to be key:   Identify key consumer psychographics... [Read more...]

How Experiential Marketing Increases Sales Volume From Current Channels

In shopper marketing circles they say there are only three places you’re going to increase sales volume from current channels: – Bring new customers to the category – Steal customers from the competition – Get current customers to increase volume It’s marketing’s job... [Read more...]

http://flic.kr/p/9GUeg6 Facebook Experiential Conversion Metrics

There has been a lot of bad press lately about Facebook advertising performance. The critics cite different ad-buys and related conversion to paying customers and because the numbers are low they say Facebook advertising is a farce. It’s never considered in these articles that the marketers might... [Read more...]

http://flic.kr/p/4StwRY How Many Responses Do I Need?

I often get asked how many survey responses you need when surveying event patrons.  Yesterday I was speaking with one of our public sector Clients about this very thing.  The main questions were… do we collect more surveys at less events or less surveys at more events?  And how many surveys... [Read more...]

http://flic.kr/p/83Myb2 How To Recruit Consumers For Interviews

Clients sometimes ask us how we recruit folks to participate in in-depth or follow-up interviews.  I was asked recently to provide a top-line overview of what I believe is the best way to recruit people from the general public to get their opinion about a particular brand through an in-depth interview. The... [Read more...]

Ref: http://flic.kr/p/k4r9a Case Study: Measuring An Experiential Mobile Tour

The Brand Challenge A national consumer brand delivers services online, but competes in an industry that has local sales representatives. Smartly so, the brand uses a multi-team mobile tour to increase broad local awareness and drive consumer leads, preferences and adoptions. The Campaign The Agency... [Read more...]

Via Flickr from Infusionsoft Five Business Analytic Principles

Business analytic ideas and concepts are often presented as extremely complicated. There are a lot of tools on the market today that are supposed to help with this. Purveyors of many business analytics tools often work hard to convince you that the project is so complicated that you’ll need their... [Read more...]

Musing on Business Analytics at a Late Hour

(This post was pulled from an email I just sent to a client in which we were discussing if linear regression was the best analysis technique for a banking brand’s awareness research. Use the comments area below to tell me if you agree.) I wrote . . . No matter what analysis you do, it’s all just... [Read more...]

ROI on Experiential vs. Above the Line Advertising

I love getting emails like the one below. If you have similar questions, I hope you know that you can always write us and ask anything. We offer an unlimited number of free, 30-minute consultations on anything related to measuring experiential marketing.   A few weeks ago a business acquaintance... [Read more...]