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How to Clean Your Event Marketing Data

The only thing worse than no data at all is bad or “unclean” data. At PortMA, we take the integrity of our data very seriously. If you are unsure about what steps to take to ensure that your data is clean, look no further. I am here to help. Below are the steps we take at PortMA to clean our data.   1.... [Read more...]

Couponing at an Experiential Marketing Event

Many studies have shown that when a brand offers a coupon it has an positive impact on brand marketing. Offering coupons is a tried and true method of increasing short-term sales. It drives trial purchases among non-customers and also rewards loyal customers.       Surprisingly,... [Read more...]

Qualitative Metrics You Should Collect from Field Staff

Experiential or event marketing programs rely heavily on their field staff for event data and reporting. This data is usually captured during the event and is made up of two major metrics, quantitative and qualitative.       Quantitative metrics are the numerical count of engagements... [Read more...]

For Better or for Worse: Comparison in Experiential Marketing Research

Yesterday I had a quarterly recap review and year-to-year comparison with a client that I have been working with for over five years. I have worked with this client on multiple experiential marketing programs and the one we were working on yesterday was a very large mobile tour (10 plus legs) for a... [Read more...]

Four Key Elements of a Successful Research Methodology

Research methodology must be determined before actually beginning the research. You’ve heard the adage “Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail.” The research methodology is the most crucial step of the research design process. It’s the blueprint for the collection, measurement, and analysis... [Read more...]

How To Prove The Importance of Incorporating Research

Last week I delivered a recap for a popular consumer foods company. It was a pilot program that could potentially be much bigger in the future. My Client wanted to use the recap for the pilot program to sell the importance of incorporating research into the larger program. I thought I would share what... [Read more...]

Learn From the Best: Clear and Effective Project Launch Best Practices

I took a short hiatus from research recently to give birth to my third child. It was the longest I have gone without doing any research in six years. When I came back to work, I was excited but admittedly apprehensive, to dig back into research. Would the first project I managed be the proverbial bike... [Read more...]

Segmenting Your ROI – Why You Should do it Every Time

The segmenting ROI model created by PortMA may be the most important metric of an experiential marketing campaign. It is a means of measuring the value of the results of multiple aspects of a campaign that experiential marketing generates for a brand. It is the evidence that a campaign has produced,... [Read more...]

What You Need to Collect to Run PortMA’s ROI Model

I would say roughly half of PortMA’s clients are attracted to our company because we have developed a tried and true Return-On-Investment model that puts the estimated value generated for a brand from an experiential program into a language we all speak, and speak loudly: dollars and cents. Our model... [Read more...]

Collecting Consumer Insights with Experiential

March and April are busy month at PortMA. While many experiential programs don’t hit the road until the weather gets better in May, account managers all over the world are getting their ducks in a row during these two months. That includes the research. We are busy planning research strategies,... [Read more...]

What to Ask in Event Marketing Post-event Surveys

I recently wrote about what you need to field a post-event research initiative. This blog will focus on the types of questions to ask in an event marketing post-event survey If you are interested in what you need in place before you field a post-event survey, read this first. I want to make it clear... [Read more...]

Experiential Marketing and Retail Associate Surveys

I would say that for 85% of experiential marketing programs in retail, we do research that involves some sort of sampling geared at targeting a specific consumer to build affinity for the brand and drive purchase. Well, PortMA has a couple of programs that we have added to the books where the goals... [Read more...]

Experiential Marketing and Fielding Post-Event Research

The on-site survey indicates the immediate effect of your experiential marketing campaign. But, what do you do when you want to showcase the long-term impact of a program? Survey them again in the future, of course! This blog is the first of two on post-event measurement best practices. It focuses... [Read more...]

Impact of A Full Experience in Event Marketing – Part II

IMPORTANT: If you are involved in any way with an event marketing food sampling program, you will want to read this story about an exciting eight-week event marketing program for a health food product distributed on the west coast. I recently wrote about the impact different levels of engagement had... [Read more...]

Impact of A Full Experience in Event Marketing – Part I

IMPORTANT: If you are involved in any way with an event marketing food sampling program, you will want to read this story about an exciting eight-week event marketing program for a health food product distributed on the west coast. Some of the results were absolutely unexpected and amazing! The program’s... [Read more...]

Impact of Couponing in Experiential Marketing

We all know that offering coupons has an impact on brand marketing. Offering coupons is a tried and true method of increasing short-term sales. It drives trial purchases among non-customers and rewards loyal customers. Using coupons as part of an experiential marketing strategy is not as common... [Read more...]

Secondary Resources & Experiential Marketing Research

We take pride in delivering actionable insights, not just observations, to our clients. Sometimes this is easier said than done. There are times the experiential marketing data tells a story, but we don’t understand why it is telling us what it is telling us. When that happens, we conduct secondary... [Read more...]

Tools to Write Frequent Experiential Marketing Reports

PortMA has a variety of reporting strategies and delivery frequencies. Some clients like to check their performance at the mid-point and end of the programs. Others like to check more often. Some prefer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. When reports are delivered frequently, writer’s block can occur.... [Read more...]

event marketing Ethnography Training for Experiential Marketing Event Staff

At PortMA, we like to be involved in the training of survey administration at experiential marketing events where we collect data. Clients are typically happy for the help and appreciate the fact that we make their jobs just a bit easier. We have done it thousands of times and have it down to a science.... [Read more...]

event marketing research Presenting Event Marketing Research

Believe me when I tell you that when most people who know me find out I am TERRIFIED of public speaking, they are shocked…not tooting my own horn, but I’m a pretty outspoken, friendly, comfortable-with-myself kind of person. I’m talking jitters, blank mind, speech so slurred people think I’m... [Read more...]

event marketing data Collecting Clean and Quality Event Marketing Data

In my opinion, the only thing worse than no data is bad or “unclean” data. At PortMA, we take the integrity of our data very seriously. If you are unsure about what steps to take to ensure that your data is clean, look no further. I am here to help. Below are the steps we take at PortMA to clean... [Read more...]

experiential marketing How to Write Experiential Marketing Recaps in Little Time

We have an experiential marketing client that manages a lot of sampling events for multiple brands for one large company. They started out managing only the events for one brand, but because they do an awesome job (in every sense), they keep winning more and more work with their client, and of course,... [Read more...]

event marketing Questions to Include in Every Event Marketing Survey

Researchers use surveys to enter the mind of the consumer. They should be clear, concise, and provide the information necessary to provide relevant and impactful data. Survey design is definitely not a process you want to rush — it is imperative that every question included in a survey be well... [Read more...]

event marketing research How to Define Event Marketing Research Objectives

The most important part of any research project is to clearly and accurately define objectives, because they provide the framework for the entire project and will guide each step of the research process from survey design to final reporting. Before defining research objectives, you need to know three... [Read more...]

research methodology Best Practices for Event Research Methodology (Part 2)

Earlier in the year, I posted a blog about methodologies and the best practices Research Managers at PortMA employ when drafting one. At the end of that post I mentioned that I would be following up with more information on methodologies. If you have been anxiously awaiting Part II, your wait is over!... [Read more...]

research methodology Best Practices for Event Research Methodology (Part 1)

Winter is drawing to a close, and I know what you are all thinking now, “It’s too cold for festivals and fairs. The experiential world is on vacation!” If that’s what you think, you would be partially right. Most experiential programs have not launched yet. They are waiting for the crowds... [Read more...]

samples How to Determine What Samples are Giving Your Brand the Biggest Impact

I have had several clients over the past couple of years execute retail- focused national sampling programs. Activations at retail events are usually about one thing: Sales! When multiple SKUs of a brand are available for sampling, nine times out of ten, the Account Manager wants to know what SKUs will... [Read more...]

research manager The Value of Employing a Research Manager Seasoned in Your Event Marketing Product’s Category

Research managers at agencies are sometimes assigned to lead the research efforts for a variety of products and services in multiple industries. It’s actually one of the reasons I love working at PortMA. I get to work on a variety of programs that assist with the marketing efforts of everything... [Read more...]

field staff reporting The Importance of Clean Field Staff Reporting

I know several of my co-workers have recently posted blogs about field staff reporting and the importance of keeping it clean and up-to-date. So why am I writing about it now? Because it is one of the main problems I run into with clients when it comes to reporting. Plain and simple, numbers need to... [Read more...]

The Value of Measuring Event Marketing Data Year Over Year The Value of Measuring Event Marketing Data Year Over Year

At PortMA, we have great client retention. Why? Because we do great research. I have been with PortMA for four years. From day one I have been managing the two event marketing projects I will be referring to today. Both projects are large, national mobile tours that activate primarily at large events... [Read more...]

My Awesome Experience Building a Predictive Model My Awesome Experience Building a Predictive Model

Recently, I had the chance to build an awesome predictive model for a client who wants to showcase the expected inquiries and new business their client can expect to see before actual data comes in. It’s kind of like peeking at a corner of a wrapped present at Christmas for us researchers.   We... [Read more...]

dashboards A Couple of Thoughts on Dashboards

This year I have had a couple of clients implement dashboards into their programs. Dashboards are amazing! They can be expensive, but when you think about the time they will save you, they are quite worth it. A well thought out dashboard can provide a wealth of information in a snap. That can help you... [Read more...]

What Venue Type is Best for Sampling?

I have had the pleasure of working on several well executed, high impact sampling programs for a couple of national food brands (if I were allowed to name drop, I bet you will have eaten at least one of the brands in the past month). That’s not the point. The point is, there has been a huge debate... [Read more...]

Sample Size Is Important

Asking consumers to participate in a short set of questions after an amazing event where they have just experienced the best product they have ever come in contact with (yours) can be a downer sometimes. Why can’t we just have a great time with our consumer, show them we love them, hand them some... [Read more...]

Measuring a Sales Funnel

We are currently in the process of launching a program for a Mobile Tour we have been working with for four years. In the past, the goal of the program has been education. This year the client wants to see sales-based results. This means a lot of changes to the current research objectives and strategy.... [Read more...]

Keeping ROI In Perspective

 We recently finished our research for a very successful mobile tour for a well known, frequently purchased (70% of consumers reported they were current customers) food product. Consumers loved the event experience and the samples that were distributed.   This was really apparent in the data: 93%... [Read more...]

Consumers Sampled – Start Collecting It Now!

While reviewing a recap for a sampling program with a client in the food industry, a question arose concerning on-site sales conversion….”How many consumers are buying my products after a sampling experience?” While we did not have this data readily available, we promised to have a... [Read more...]

Market Saturation

As marketers, we have been ingrained with the message “more is better”….the technical term is ‘marketing saturation’.  The more exposure a brand has, the more it comes top of mind to consumers when they have a need for the particular product or service that brand offers. At... [Read more...]

The Pursuit of the Program Launch

I love launching new experiential programs…It can be chaotic and nail-bitingly crazy for all involved with 24-hour deadlines, clients scrambling to get permits for event activations, last minute changes in scheduling, checking your email every five minutes for that final approval, brand ambassadors... [Read more...]