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PortMA has years of experience measuring the impact of event marketing for major marketers in virtually all industries, ranging from Automotive to Beverages to Consumer Products and Healthcare. To give smaller companies the same benefits of event marketing measurement, we’ve created a free series of short, easy-to-follow training videos on how to analyze and report on your own marketing events.

How can this work for your business? In just a few minutes, you and your staff can learn how to create a more effective event presence for your brand, set goals for your event marketing plans, and actually conduct and evaluate your own event marketing research!

bronze-page-imgOur series of 8 videos will bring you through the process step-by-step from creating event marketing strategies to analyzing data collected and recapping. And the first three videos are FREE. So you can make sure our approach is right for you before you commit any funds.

Through the video series you’ll learn how to:

  • Build key reporting criteria into your event marketing goals and objectives from the very start
  • Determine specific metrics for your field staff to collect
  • Measure event engagement and behavior metrics—including consumer interest in buying your product or service, and
  • Create simple, powerful reports to show the return-on-investment of your marketing program.

By registering you will also receive:

  • A limited license to the trade secrets we reveal (Bronze level license)
  • 12 months of limited event measurement training and support at no cost

If you decide the PortMA approach is the right option for you and your business, you can upgrade your license at any time to receive additional training and reporting resources and support. Learn More

Why PortMA?

Portland Marketing Analytics (or PortMA) has been assisting Experiential and Event Marketing Agencies since 2010 with back-office expert measurement and analytic solutions. During that time we developed a number of proprietary methods and techniques that we’ve documented in our video training series.

We want to teach you our trade secrets and provide you with an annual commercial license to use these trade secrets with your own Clients. We’re offering you the tools we honed by working for over a dozen event marketing agencies and over 75 event marketing campaigns.