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Measuring a Sales Funnel

ClassroomWe are currently in the process of launching a program for a Mobile Tour we have been working with for four years. In the past, the goal of the program has been education. This year the client wants to see sales-based results. This means a lot of changes to the current research objectives and strategy.

When internally reviewing the change in scope, we decided that the best way to measure the sales potential of the program is to look at and measure the entire marketing and sales funnel from start to finish:

1. Awareness

We are going to measure consumers’ usage of the broader category first, and then measure their experience with the specific brand.

2. Interest

If they do use the product category, we want to find out if they are even in the market to make a purchase in the category.

3. Consideration

We are going to determine whether or not the product line for the brand appeals to them and the specific attributes of the product line that are the most appealing to them.

4. Intent

We will ask outright if they plan on purchasing the product and brand as a result of their event experience.

5. Evaluation

If they do plan on making a purchase, we will ask what products in the line interested them most.

6. Purchase

By measuring the above stages in the funnel, we can gain insight as to what is working or not working with the Mobile Tour. Changes can be made to activation strategy in real time to better meet the ultimate goal of the Mobile Tour: to increase sales for the brand.

We will let you know how it goes!

Photo Source: TaxRebate.org.uk

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