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Research Associate Contractors/ Interns


PortMA is interviewing for several Research Association contractors and/ or internship positions to provide ad-hoc/ on-call support to our Field Services and Client Services team.  We are seeking qualified applicants who can provide support in one or more of the following areas:

Data Entry/ Coding
Receive paper surveys and/ or open-ended survey responses and provide data entry and data coding support.

IDI Recruiting/ Interviewing
Receive a list of semi- pre-qualified participants and recruit by phone for participation in market research studies. This may include completing in-depth telephone interviews.

Quantitative and Qualitative Report Drafting
Working from completed tabs and a report template, you’ll be asked to populate a report and provide a write-up/ interpretation of the data. Likewise, for qualitative reporting you’ll be provided with a report outline and transcriptions of in-depth interviews or focus groups and asked to complete a report write-up.

Data Quality Assurance
Receive the raw data, code book, completed tabs, and completed report and do a thorough review of the report providing feedback on any data errors or misinterpretation of the data.

Finishing/ Editing
Receive a completed report and provide editing services to check for grammatical accuracy (US English); clarity; and visual consistency and professionalism.

After an initial screening, qualified applicants are contracted on a temporary basis and asked to participate in a series of tests related to each of the areas of interest outlined above.

When submitting your response (see below) please use the word “apple” in the first sentence of your cover letter so we can determine if you read this job description carefully and can demonstrate your ability to follow directions. This also helps us weed out folks who spam us with generic cover letters.

If approved to work in one or more areas, contractors are asked to first participate in a comprehensive background check and to sign a non-disclosure/ non-solicitation statement. Upon successful completion; you will be invited to serve as an on-call contractor where you will receive a stipend of $100/ month plus payment for work completed at an agreed upon hourly rate.

Minimum Qualifications
Qualified applicants will have two or more years of professional or academic experience with a proven track-record of success in the areas for which they are applying; have access to a private, personal computer running MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010 or later with an internet connection; and experience working in a cloud-based work environment (e.g., dropbox, basecamp, oDesk, etc.).

To Apply
Please provide a PDF of your complete LinkedIn profile link along with a cover letter that tells us which of the areas above you are interested in, what qualifies you to do this work with us, and why you’d like to align with PortMA as a contractor or intern. We’ll schedule a time to talk by phone if appropriate. Thank you for your interest.

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