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The Management Team

The Management Team


Chris Clegg, President/ Sr. Analyst (blog)

Chris leads the team, presents to Clients, and generally tries to stay out of the way.  He leans on 25 years of experience in marketing research and data analytics to deliver new and innovative ways to measure the value of brand marketing.

Why PortMA? “I’m fascinated by the fact that numbers can predict human behavior. It makes the abstract science. Our common threads are what interest me.”

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherhclegg | Tweets at: http://twitter.com/PortMA


Amy McLaughlin, Research Manager (blog)

Working with clients, Amy manages project deliverables to ensure the highest client satisfaction with PortMA’s research capabilities and expertise. Her favorite aspects include team collaboration, analysis that digs below the surface, and all things related to writing (eg. recap reports, screeners, discussion guides and surveys)

Why PortMA? “PortMA has a wonderful culture that enables me to stay on top of industry trends and nurture a love of helping clients address pain points through targeted, measurable research.”

Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-mclaughlin-ab334122

Jennifer Pollard, Research Manager (blog)

Jenni builds and manages client relationships, creates and administers surveys, runs quantitative and qualitative analyses, and drafts and presents creative and dynamic reports.

Why PortMA? “I work at PortMA because I enjoy the company’s culture and working directly with clients. Marketing research is a fun and exciting field because it provides the perfect mix of creativity and logic.”

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jennifer-pollard/51/52a/101

Jordan Lovell, Field Service Manager (blog)

Jordan oversees our data collection and analysis work. He’s a master of all things “in the field” and can juggle Tabs on fire. He knows more about superheroes than he’d admit and when not at PortMA you can usually find him lounging at the beach or skiing on the nearest mountain.

Why PortMA? “Marketing influences more and more of what we do everyday.  Knowing why and how it works gives a fascinating insight into what shapes the world we live in and what it will become.”

Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jordan-lovell/51/674/28a

Jennifer Ryan, Office Manager

Jennifer is responsible for the company’s back office operations, which include PortMA’s day-to-day finance, human resources, and logistics administration. When not at the office, you can bet she’s at the beach with her family or at least dreaming of somewhere sunny and warm.

Why PortMA? “I love the tight-knit community at PortMA and enjoy the responsibility of making sure that each of our employees and clients are well taken care of. I like that I have so many aspects of my job.  It keeps me on my toes and lets me put my own personal stamp on what I do.”

Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenryan28



The team at PortMA are your Event Marketing Analysts.

We collect data (or take the data you’ve collected) and transform it into meaningful status reports and campaign recaps.  PortMA works with your account teams to develop measurement strategies for current or future experiential campaigns.

With PortMA you can…

Deliver predictive ROI models to support business development

Organize field staff event data into clear, actionable metrics

Deploy event patron surveys to measure impact and value

Identify and develop secondary data sources for performance insights

We provide experiential marketing agency account teams with program improvement recommendations and data driven insights.

You get a turn-key custom reporting solution under your brand, a briefed account team, and Client presentation support as needed (e.g., in-person as lead, on the phone as secondary, etc.)



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