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The Importance of Hitting the Demographic Target


DemoI just reviewed a mid-program recap report focused on a sampling campaign’s performance at the half-way point.  The goal of the program is to expose consumers to the category and brand with a distinct ethnic demographic target.

Sampling The Right People
The first thing we check for is how often the program intercepts are reaching the right kind of person.  At the mid-way point, we’re finding things are going very well.  Three-fourths (78%) of the time, the field teams are reaching the ethnic demographic targets.

Age is skewing a little older than we’d like but more than half the time (56%) the teams are talking to those in the 25 to 35 age range.  Gender is trending mixed at 53% male, 47% female as the program intended.

Monitoring Sampling Impact
So how well is this translating into consumer impact?  Things are looking good here as well.  The program is sampling three flavors of the product and we expected two to appeal to women and one to appeal to men.

Sure enough, likability and purchase intent is at 80% or more when we align the demographic target with the gender flavor profile.

Comparing Sampling Impact to Benchmarks
We typically see purchase intent benchmark around 71% so 80% or higher is strong.  We’d suggest this stronger than average performance comes from the brands work around consumer targeting and the Experiential Agency’s ability to reach this consumer target such a high percent of the time.

We also looked at venues and while we’re seeing some variation around performance and venue selection, I think they’ll do fine staying the course through the second half of the program.

Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanvanetten/5929420730/

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