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Training Your Team on Event Marketing ROI Benchmarks


ROIA big part of implementing a clear measurement and reporting process in your experiential agency is training your staff how to change the way they think and relate to event marketing data.

So often, data is a point of anxiety for account managers: field staff exaggerate impression counts, the year-to-date numbers never add up, clients are asking for key performance indicators and consumer insights.

All the while, the account coordinator is just trying to figure out why the staff didn’t show up on time and how to get the fire marshal to let them drop their 30×20 on a 30×18.  Who has time for data?  “We’ll figure that out when it’s time for the recap.”

It’s tough.  If you don’t swim in it every day, event marketing data is intimidating.

Learning How to Model Experiential ROI

We help with this by doing a lot of lunch & learns.  Our job is as much training as it is heavy lifting.  The Experiential Marketing Analytics 2013 Benchmarks lunch and learn I did for one of our agency partners in Washington, DC was exactly this.

We share some theory about how think about event marketing measurement, provide a bunch of case studies on how other agencies are doing it, show how the numbers trends based on our work with dozens of bands, and then tell all on how to model Experiential ROI and what the typical experiential ROI looks like.

It’s always a great discussion with awesome questions.  I love doing it.  If you think this is something that might be helpful for you and your team, please let us know.

Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/opacity/1600562651/

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