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Using Post-Event Metrics to Measure Consumer Behavior


CheckoutA couple of experiential marketing research projects I’m currently working on have more than one phase of data collection.  The first phase involves standard on-site data collection using a brief exit survey to measure the immediate impact of the event experience on consumer behavior.

The second phase begins two-three months later by reaching out to those same consumers who attended past events and asking them to complete a follow-up, post-event survey.  We limit the post-event survey to about five minutes in length to prevent respondent fatigue since they were surveyed once before.  The reason why we survey these consumers more than once over a period of time is to determine whether or not their attitude or behavior toward the brand has changed since the event itself.

Post-event research is a valuable tool because the results can be compared to those in the exit survey.  For instance, the respondent may be asked how likely he or she will purchase the brand’s product(s) in the next three months, then three months later in the post-event survey he or she is asked whether or not an actual purchase was made.  This helps measure the effectiveness of the experience on influencing consumer behavior following the event.

For those who did not actually purchase following an event, we can determine the reasons why and turn that feedback into actionable results by helping clients understand what it is that’s changing consumer behavior two to three months after an event.

Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderlane/325752646/

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