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Download Your Report

Your report comes in three versions. You can download those at the links below:

Experiential Marketing Industry/ Venue Benchmarks Report
This is the comprehensive PDF that provides a full background on the data collection methodology and the related experiential marketing strategy. This includes the data points collected, how, and why. This background provides a full outline of PortMA’s proprietary return-on-investment model. The report benchmarks define the reach, impact, and ROI trends across the industry and multiple venue types. These metrics are detailed in tables within this broader context of theory and application. (Download: Fully Indexed PDF)

Data Tables Deck
We summarize the experiential marketing strategy and related data with the data tables on individual slides in a PowerPoint document. This document is provided to easily pick and choose the slides that are most relevant to individual efforts. These slides can be repurposed in your own Client recap reports, RFP responses, and individual presentations. (Download: PowerPoint Document)

A 1-Page Executive Summary
This top-line summary of the experiential marketing report benchmarks is presented in a one-page executive summary using PortMA’s proprietary “Scorecard Reporting” methodology. This document serves as a quick reference on the key data points and industry ROI segments. The report is designed for easy reading and distribution to internal management. It also serves as a quick reference guide. (Download: PDF)

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  • Dashboards: Data Dashboard Consulting/ Wireframe Development
  • Analysis: Data Analysis Assistance or Completion
  • Reporting: Report Development Assistance or Completion
  • Briefings: Client Briefing, Presentation Support, Attendance, or Meeting Leadership

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