Sponsorship Marketing: Fair and Festival Experiential Marketing Benchmarks (Reach, Impact, and ROI)

The data in this report is derived from PortMA’s experiential marketing evaluation research across 11,321 event days and approximately 5 million consumer interactions at fairs and festivals across the United States.

PortMA has completed over 108,000 consumer exit interviews at sponsorship marketing activations (i.e., fairs and festivals). This includes exit interviews with 3,240 Moms and 1,440 Dads.

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At the time of this publication, PortMA’s Experiential Benchmarking database contains over $87.4 million (USD) spent on experiential brand marketing across 74,990 event days and 17,706,070 consumer interactions.

Data In This Report

  • 11,321 Total Event Days
  • 108,556 Total Exit Interviews
  • 5 Million Live Consumer Interactions

This particular report represents activations where brands were activated at Fairs and Festivals.  For the purposes of this report PortMA defined Fairs and Festivals as a Destination event showcasing some combination of music, food, carnival, and/ or artist collectives. These events were typically an annual occurrence lasting a few days to several weeks. This category could include amusement parks.


Table of Contents

Index of Tables
Introduction to This Report
Using Benchmarks to Build Best-in-Class Experiential Marketing Campaigns
Experiential Measurement Best Practices – The Theory
Metrics And Definitions For This Report
Event Marketing Reach
Event Marketing Impact
Event Marketing Return-on-Investment
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Comprehensive PDF Report Document

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12-month IP License to use PortMA’s Intellectual Property in support of your work with your own clients.

Direct access to a dedicated Account Manager for any consulting, training, or ad-hoc support needs

1-page Executive Summary for internal circulation

Contents of Report

Detailed instruction on how to use Benchmarks to build stronger experiential campaigns using evidence-based strategy

12 Consumer targeting data tables defining consumer awareness, demographic profile, and parent status benchmarks

11 efficiency data tables defining budget and engagement benchmarks

Experiential Measurement best practices road maps

5 ROI benchmarking tables segmented by a variety of industry and activation strategies

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