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Event ROI Examples (Videos)

See how great Experiential Marketers measure the ROI of their events with these use case videos.

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  • 0 | Crash Course: Measuring Experiential ROI (Length: 8m 8s)
  • 1 | Performance Benchmarks (Length: 3m 11s)
  • 2 | Campaign Budget Benchmarks (Length: 3m 30s) <– Popular Video
  • 3 | Consumer Targeting (Length: 2m 7s)
  • 4 | Consumer Awareness (Length: 2m 22s)
  • 5 | Campaign Impact (Length: 2m 26s)
  • 6 | ROI Benchmarks (Length: 6m 5s)

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See how great Experiential Marketers measure the ROI of their events with these use case videos. Gain access to the suite of brief videos.

In these videos, we use actual data from experiential campaigns to describe the status update and recapping techniques used by leading agencies and brands.

0 | Crash Course

An Introduction to How Exceptional Experiential Marketers Measure Multi-Million Dollar Campaigns

Start here! This 8-minute video will give you an overview of the PortMA Measurement and Benchmarking strategy. This video will give you some context for the other videos and, really, PortMA’s overall approach to measurement.

Video Transcripts/ More Information

1 | Performance Benchmarks

Field Staff Benchmarks for Performance Evaluation and Management Action

In this Use Case scenario, we’re going to look at how to evaluate your sampling rates in an actionable manner. This is actual data from a wine sampling campaign presented in a typical manner with averages by market.

2 | Campaign Budget Benchmarks

Benchmarking Experiential Budgets for a Competitive Advantage and Fair Pricing

Marketing efficiency is a measure of performance, yes. But efficiency is a financial metric as well. In this use case we’ll see how having the right financial benchmarks in place allow you to compare your costs to industry averages. This shows sellers how competitive their campaign is while informing buyers about over or under-priced campaigns.

3 | Consumer Targeting

How Demographic Profiling Benchmarks Increase the Rate of Successful Consumer Targeting

Just like buying media from magazines, radio, or television, sampling activations have consumer targets they’re trying to reach. And in this use case scenario, we’re going to look at how to find these target consumers with benchmarks to maximize your reach quality.

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  • 12-Month License to use the methods and techniques in your own business
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4 | Consumer Awareness

Using Brand Awareness Benchmarks for Campaign Development and Greater Impact

Here we are going to look at a use case scenario for the Food and Beverage industry with a focus on multiple venues. And in doing so we’re going to see how a campaign’s creative strategy can be developed using benchmarks. But first, we’ll start with a quick review of why marketing works in the first place.

5 | Campaign Impact

Using Impact Benchmarks to Develop Stronger Activation Strategies and Better Venue Selection

Marketing is about change. And in this use case, we’re going to look at how you can use experiential benchmarks to predict where, how, when, and by how much your campaign will change consumer intention to buy the product you’re promoting.

6 | Event ROI Benchmarks

How to Use ROI Benchmarks to Develop a Winning Campaign

Value in marketing can take many different forms. But at PortMA, we like to think in terms of hard currency. Dollars and cents. This is why we love Return-on-Investment (or ROI) modeling. ROI modeling is a fantastic overall index measure of how well a campaign balances reach volume, reach quality, and impact with the dollars or budget available.