Crash Course – Measuring Experiential ROI

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Video 0 | Crash Course

An Introduction to How Exceptional Experiential Marketers Measure Multi-Million Dollar Campaigns

Start here! This 8-minute video will give you an overview of the PortMA Measurement and Benchmarking strategy. This video will give you some context for the other videos and, really, PortMA’s overall approach to measurement.

Video Contents

  • 00:15 – Three questions to guide your Experiential Measurement
  • 00:55 – Why Experiential Marketing works
  • 01:35 – Consumers are stuck. Good marketing “un-sticks” them!
  • 02:44 – Measuring change in consumers across the purchase cycle
  • 03:15 – How “reach” and “impact” come together to deliver ROI
  • 04:01 – PortMA’s Experiential Marketing ROI Model
  • 06:15 – Segmenting ROI for Experiential Insights and actionable data
  • 07:19 – Marketing Agencies and Brands who use this methodology

Video Transcripts

Hello Experiential Marketers. The fact of the matter is we all know that experiential marketing is a revenue-generating tool for the brands we all serve. The problem is proving it. At PortMA we’ve been measuring experiential marketing for agencies and brands since 2010 and cracked the code for experiential ROI when we focused on answering three questions.

1st Question
The first question has to do with your marketing reach where we work to answer the question, “How often am I reaching the right consumer?”

2nd Question
Next, we need to understand how well we’re creating intent where it didn’t’ previously exist. This is going to be our impact measure, the outcome we’re seeking to drive.

3rd Question
Finally, we can bring these reach and impact measures together to talk about value in a real, tangible way by asking, “Under what circumstances is the return-on-investment (or ROI) highest?

When you can measure, track, and react to your performance against these three questions you’ll be…

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