Experiential Marketers

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PortMA’s whitepaper, “The Experiential Marketing Measurement Blueprint” is a free, comprehensive guide to the art and logistics of measuring experiential campaigns.

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Proving Experiential Works

Your events rock. And you know they work. The problem is and has always been proving that they work. Your recap reports are beautiful but counting up impressions (and hoping no one asks how you did it) and filling the PowerPoint with photos of smiling consumers doesn’t work like it used to. Even the sizzle reel is getting old.

We know what questions field staff need to answer in their event recap reports and we understand the consumer exit survey questions that will drive real return-on-investment (ROI) reporting.

How PortMA can bring your campaign to the next level:

  • Develop winning language for the measurement portion of RFPs
  • Ensure Brand Ambassadors provide clean, clear data
  • Measure event marketing impact and value – the real ROI
  • Provide your Boss or Client with insightful status reports
  • Write actionable program recaps that help you, your Client, your Boss 
  • Answer all of your Client’s or Boss’s data questions
  • Renew your campaign and sell the next one faster

The team at PortMA has been working with brands and agencies to support their measurement of experiential marketing since 2010. 

Whether you’re adding us to your account team or leaning on our benchmark reports and on-call support, PortMA is the experiential marketing partner that will transform your organization into a data-driven team of high performing marketers.

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