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Message to Market Match

Your ideas are your livelihood and they are not in short supply. As a Marketing Strategist, you focus on consumer profiles, messaging, and “reasons to believe” that position the brands you serve as leaders in their space. Your market penetration strategy finds the right people and teaches them about products that make their lives better.

Our research analyzes the habits, attitudes, values, and beliefs that group consumers into tribes. These consumers will seek products and services that complement their way of life. They will buy more often and in greater volume when they learn about these products and services through your authentic, on message, communications.

It has always been, and will always be, about the message to market match! PortMA helps you get there.

We get what you’re trying to do and provide consumer insights that allow you to do it better. Our research outcomes move your A/B split testing further along at a faster pace for less budget. Marketing strategists who work with PortMA get to higher conversion rates on a shorter timeline.

Consumer Segmentation/ Message Testing Services