Research Entrepreneurs Wanted!

Creative Research Team Thinking

Louviers What if We Joined Fources and Made Something Great?

We have traditionally had more work than we can handle. Sales aren’t a problem. What we need are leaders. We’re looking for a seasoned research professional with a small team and loyal clients but wishing for higher personal income.

When you consider folding your team into ours, you’re consdiering …

  • A more flexable schedule with business partners to help lighten the adminstrative and sales load
  • The option to explore professional development with expansion into new research product lines
  • A back up team that can minimize the late nights
  • A baseline, reliable income that doesn’t fuxuate month-to-month (or paycheck to paycheck)
  • A (gasp!) vacation where you’re not glued to your phone

PortMA is looking for entrepreneural partners who can help lead and guide the business into the next decade.


We have office space in downtown Portland, ME, but we work from home most of the time. Through a combination of work collaboration tools, we stay well connected. We prefer to work with Maine-based companies but are open to out-of-state (or non-U.S.) teams if the situation was right.

Benefits/ Compensation?

Keep a portion of your existing client revenue with a base salary to top things off and assure consistent income. Add in a four or five-figure signing bonus (depending on existing revenue) and you have a pretty good deal.

We have a full benefits package plus a 401(k) profit-sharing plan. We offer 12 paid holidays, 160 hours of paid time off, and a flexible work schedule.

Decision Maker?

Absolutely. We’re not looking for someone to come in and be passive. We’re looking for leaders. You lead your practice while the company takes care of the administrative hassles and pressure for sales.

Design new research products or bring existing products to market. Add to the services and capabilities you offer your existing clients.

Let’s grow a company as partners for everyone’s greater success.

If any of this sounds interesting then let’s talk about the possibilities. Chris Clegg
President & Owner
Portland Marketing Analytics

T: 800.917.9983 | Calendar