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PortMA uses data analytics to develop and evaluate marketing communication strategies for experiential marketing agencies, advertisers and leading brands.

A Full Service Market Research Supplier

Syndicated research reports, smart surveys, and in-depth consumer interviews help you target the right consumer with messaging that drives revenue-generating behavior. Accurately measuring your marketing reach, impact, and return-on-investment allows you to do more of what is working well and less of what is not.

What We Do

Portland Marketing Analytics (or PortMA) is a full-service market research supplier with unique expertise in marketing communications and evaluation research. We make use of traditional market research data collection and analysis techniques to solve modern-day business challenges.
This includes the design and execution of in-depth interviewing and survey research (i.e., online, intercept, listed, and panel).

Syndicated Experiential Benchmarking Reports

In addition to our custom research services, we publish a series of experiential benchmarking reports available for immediate download.  These reports deliver the only true financial Return-on-Investment (ROI) benchmarks in the industry based on over 220 experiential marketing campaigns and more than 270,000 onsite consumer interviews.

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Who We Are

At PortMA, our mission is to make marketing exceptional through straight-forward analytics for marketers who need to know what works. We envision a world where data is demystified and truth drives good decisions made by critical thinkers.

Our Services

For Experiential Marketing professionals, we lean on an existing data warehouse of several hundred experiential campaigns to build benchmarks, predictive ROI models and winning data-driven marketing strategies.
For Marketers, we use survey research and in-depth interviews to evaluate communication strategies and impact, test messaging, confirm consumer targets, and track brand health.
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Podcasts & Webinars

We publish a weekly podcast called “Demystifying Data” and a monthly webinar. If you are not a podcast subscriber or happen to miss a webinar, this is your opportunity to access that information.
These articles are largely derived from our experience executing quantitative market research studies. We hope you’ll find our “stories from the trenches” provide tricks and techniques you can use to put data to work for you.

So Event Marketers Can Measure Performance

The monthly PortMA webinars are designed to provide both agency and brand Event Marketing industry professionals with the information needed to measure their work. The content is continuously refreshed with the latest best practices and our best thinking.

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You’ll find our library of articles an extensive, free resource on the practice of market research.  In these articles, PortMA documents our processes, research methodology, and applied marketing theory as we deploy upwards of 50 or more research studies per year.
Some of our more popular categories include:

Event Marketing Metrics
Marketing Insights
ROI Modeling
Business Analytic Methods
Retail Analytics

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Marketing Measured
Right Delivers a
Better ROI Sooner

The 7 Problems
PortMA Solves for
Agencies and Brands:

  • 1. Help migrate your organization toward data-driven thinking and designs
  • 2. Develop measurement and reporting strategies for your marketing campaigns
  • 3. Uncover the brand message that will motivate the right people to buy
  • 4. Execute a Customer/ Client Satisfaction Study that is safe and highly actionable
  • 5. Uncover the financial ROI of your experiential marketing campaigns
  • 6. Take data analysis and reporting off your account staffs’ shoulders
  • 7. Design and execute survey research and in-depth interview research studies


Brands That
Trust PortMA

We have worked with clients and companies that span across all industries. From food to finance, we’re the marketing analytics firm of choice for the brands millions trust.

“Since our agency opened for business back in 2008, we’ve understood how important it is to measure the effectiveness of our programs — that’s why we turned to PortMA to help manage and facilitate that process.
Chris and his team continually work hand-in-hand with our account teams, providing insights that help us improve the service we offer to our clients. This commitment to our agency is why we turn to PortMA time and time again when new programs arise.”
Jeffrey J. Snyder
Chief Inspiration Officer
Inspira Marketing Group

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Your Full Service Marketing Research Partners

Having PortMA on your side means you have a team of seasoned market research professionals who are experts in identifying and defining target consumers. You get more clicks, drive greater foot traffic, and increase sales when working with PortMA.

"They call themselves market researchers but they're more marketers who are really good at research and data analytics."

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