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The research teams at PortMA are expert market research project managers with extensive experience managing research using national consumer panels, in-depth telephone interviews, email invitations to web-based surveys, and Intercept (i.e., onsite) surveys including post-event survey designs.

Experiential Marketing ROI

You know your event is working. But how do you prove it? PortMA allows you to discover the insights you need to develop better events and greater ROI. Working with PortMA’s event measurement experts, you will gain seasoned help to design better campaign measurement strategies, gather better data, reveal better insights, and present better campaign recaps.  

We challenge our agency and brand clients to go beyond software and get real actionable insights.

  • Measuring Reach. PortMA’s reports show how often you reached the right type of consumers. These reports highlight the value of the venues you selected. When you know which venues put you on target most often, you can create a roadmap to deliver even better targeting in the future.
  • Deconstruct Impact. PortMA’s reports clearly demonstrate the impact of your campaign. The profile where the consumers you engaged are in the purchase cycle with clear metrics showing how experiential leads to new sales.
  • Define Value (ROI). PortMA’s reports clearly show your program’s ROI. Our proprietary model compares the efficiency of your reach to the level of impact to derive the campaign’s real dollar value.

And what about the ad-hoc needs? Absolutely. PortMA is there to handle all of the ad-hoc questions, analyses, and one-off reports you, your Client, or your Boss need.  Partnering with PortMA transforms your team into a data-centric organization positioned to use real insights to make better marketing decisions.

Marketing Strategy

Segmentation, Messaging, and Brand Health

Discover the right message-to-market match. Uncover the consumer segments ready to buy and the messaging that motivates them to do so!

Having PortMA on your side means you have a team of seasoned market research professionals who are experts in identifying and defining target consumers. You get more clicks, drive greater foot traffic, and increase sales when working with a research partner who knows how to develop segmentation strategies, test marketing messages, and uncover the barriers to purchase and drivers of loyalty.

We use traditional, academic market research techniques (e.g., surveys, post-event survey questions, in-depth interviews, etc.) and apply them to the business of marketing to connect brands with the right consumer. 

Quite simply, we make sure your marketing doesn’t suck!

A/B split-testing makes for great marketing. No doubt!  However, it’s hard (and sometimes impossible) to split-test your non-digital channels effectively. And split-testing is expensive regardless of your marketing channel mix. Your path to better marketing sooner at a lower overall budget begins with PortMA. We will identify the right consumer segments, help create and test messaging, and support the brand’s long-term health.

  • Consumer Segmentation Research. The secret to marketing is identifying those consumers who have the problem the brand can uniquely solve. Through the efficient application of traditional qualitative and quantitative research methods, we find those consumers and tell you who they are and where to find them.
  • Message Development and Testing Research. It’s one thing to find the consumer who wants to buy. It’s a whole other thing to get him or her to purchase. PortMA uses in-depth consumer interviews and survey research to align your message with the habits, attitudes, values, and beliefs of the consumer target so your message resonates and consumers listen.
  • Brand Health Research. The right target and best message won’t mean a thing if you don’t have your own house in order. PortMA has a suite of research tools that allow you to manage and track your brand’s health, reduce existing customer (or client, or employee) churn, and leverage competitive strengths.

Marketing can only deliver incremental revenue from three sources: A) increased usage among current customers, B) introducing new consumers to the category, or C) acquiring customers from the competition.

You will make the most of all three when you have PortMA as your marketing research partner. Contact us today to speak with our expert team!