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Self-Managed Measurement Solution w/ Support

Client and Boss expectations aren’t changing. They’ve changed.

It’s become common for us to hear from brand and account managers who are looking to be more data-minded in their marketing practices. So we set out to provide an easier, faster, and less-expensive way to better integrate data and consumer insights into experiential campaigns.

We built a suite of syndicated benchmarking report/service bundles that offered a unique level of insight and the ability to apply a standardized methodology to a wide range of experiential activations.

PortMA Enterprise Solution

These benchmarks detail strategy and outcomes around measuring reach, impact, and value (ROI) of experiential marketing. Driven by our proprietary return-on-investment model, you’ll learn how to quantify the value of past experiential efforts and be empowered to set expectations and define goals for future campaigns.

A 12-month Enterprise Subscription with PortMA gives you access to our full library of current and future reporting along with a suite of resources designed to guide your team/ agency toward a data-driven organization.

As an Enterprise Client, you can expect the following tools and services:

All Industry Reports
Instant Access to all Individual Industry Segment Reports and Executive Summaries.

All Venue/Event Reports
Instant Access to all Individual Venue/Event Type Segment Report and Executive Summaries.

Dedicated Support
Direct email and telephone access to a dedicated account manager

12-Month IP License
Full permission to use PortMA’s Intellectual Property in support of your own internal marketing practice or with your Agency’s Clients.

Real-time Data Mining (Coming Soon!)
Direct, online access to PortMA’s Benchmarking database for custom insights segmentation on budgets, reach, impact, and ROI by venue type, product category, industry type, and more

In-Person Training
In-Person one-day onsite training to fully brief your account team, address unique situations, and establish a launch plan for individual campaigns (travel included)

Self-Service Online Training (Coming Soon!)
Full and unlimited access to PortMA’s library of training videos

Resources and Templates (Coming Soon!)
Full and unlimited access to PortMA’s library of resources for download including sales deck slide templates, white papers, survey templates, field staff reporting guides and training handouts along with access to new materials as they are released

Full and unlimited access to PortMA’s inventory of Benchmark reports plus early access to future publications before they are released for sales

On-call Hours Allocation
Your dedicated Account Manager will personally deliver all reports available in our reporting library to you.  Your account manager is a seasoned PortMA Experiential Marketing data analyst who will bring you through the structure of our reporting to make sure you understand and can access the informaiton you need without trouble.

And when you need someone to do the heavy lifting for you, you’ll have sixty (60) hours available over the year to use as you see fit.  And your hours never explore so long as you remain a PortMA Enterprise Client:

  • One-on-One or Team Training
  • Sales Support/ RFP Response Assistance
  • Survey/ Data Collection Architecture Design
  • Data Dashboard Consulting/ Wire Frame Development
  • Data Analysis Assistance or Completion
  • Report Development Assistance or Completion
  • Client Briefing Preparation, Attendance, or Meeting Leadership

Discounted Full Campaign Support
In addition, your Enterprise subscription gives you a 35% discount on any PortMA campaign support contracts to allow room for your own upcharges assuring your IP License is a cashflow positive revenue stream for your agency or brand ($130/ hour; down from $200/ hour for Non-Enterprise Subscribers)

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