Experiential Marketing ROI Measurement Toolkit Pricing

Build Your In-House Capabilities

Everything your team needs to measure the ROI of your experiential marketing campaigns

  • Learning Path:  The eight-step guide to accurately measuring Experiential ROI like a pro!
  • Benchmarks: Use industry averages to model activation scenarios with five Experiential ROI Benchmarking dashboards.
  • Report Library: Access all current and future syndicated reports for deeper insight.
  • Templates/ Resources:  A complete package of tools for developing, collecting, and analyzing experiential data.
  • Support: Any time you and anyone you authorize can request assistance.
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Perfect for...

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Renewal Status

Renewal Status

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Designed for an experienced user addressing a Single RFP ResponseClient Question, or Recap Report 

Access Period:

24 Hours

Single User


Does Not Autorenew


30 Minutes Phone/ Email Support


Videos and Documentation




Great for Program Development, Ongoing Client Consultation, and Recapping Season

Access Period:

30 Days

Single User


Renews Monthly

Added Support:

Dedicated Account Management Team 

2 Hours Ad-hoc Support per Month

Added Training:

Direct Phone Q/A and Consultation




Designed to assist with your Agency or Brand Team's transition to a Data-Centric Organization

Access Period:

90 Day Increments

Multiple Users 


Renews Quarterly

Added Support: 

Dedicated Account Manager

12 Hours of Ad-Hoc Support per Quarter

Added Training:

1 Day Onsite at your Location for In-Person Training after a minimum of two consecutive quarters

Best Value!

Get Your Team Up to Speed Quickly on the Industry’s

ROI Measurement Best Practices

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Your toolkit provides step-by-step, self-directed learning, full access to benchmark reports, and fully populated event ROI dashboards from thousands of past activations. Add a library of resources, templates, and on-call support and you have everything you need to build an in-house team using the best-in-class approaches used by dozens of agencies and over a hundred brands.

Industry Benchmarks

Our benchmarks are segmented by multiple industry classifications to ensure you have insights specific to your individual campaign.

Venue Benchmarks

From retail sampling to office parks, festivals to street intercepts, PortMA’s benchmarks are categorized by venue to show you who you can expect to intercept and how they’ll respond.

Methodology Roadmap

We share it all, from the specific field staff recap questions to the consumer survey metrics. Every report contains a complete methodological roadmap so you can take the effort in-house with confidence. We even give you a license to use our IP.

Dedicated Support

We’re here when you need us but only when you need us. Every report purchase has an hours allocation for assistance with any aspect of your measurement project whether it be answering questions or running analysis.

What Other Experiential Industry Professionals Say…

Why did you say The Experiential ROI Dashboard was the strongest of the five dashboards?

“It’s always the first question clients ask and sometimes the hardest to answer. This section gives an easy way to calculate, explains the numbers/calculation process, and provides helpful benchmarking (because that’s the second question clients ask).”

Who would find this Experiential ROI Measurement Toolkit the most useful in their day-to-day job?

“Account managers and business development (the people on the front lines of client questions and reporting)”

Anne Morgan
Chief Operating Officer
ITK Collective

Why did you say The Experiential ROI Dashboard was the strongest of the five dashboards?

“This has been the most significant pain point for us in figuring out how to project and measure ROI for our experiential events. Having this section built out with steps on what to measure is helpful and something you can adapt for different situations. We are trying to figure out how to measure and track against our existing work so having a streamlined and consistent way to do it with benchmarks for similar projects is beyond valuable.”

Who would find this Experiential ROI Measurement Toolkit the most useful in their day-to-day job?

“Those involved in the planning and development process of experiential events as well as those who make the decisions about elements and report on success.”

Account Manager
Agency – Sports & Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

How was this Experiential Marketing data collected?

All data in PortMA’s dashboard and reports were collected on-site by event staff via intercept interview or post-event through an email invitation to an online survey. Consumers were always interviewed only after their full engagement experience with the brand, so the data reflect the impact of that experience.

In addition, activation metadata (e.g., engagement counts, samples delivered, etc.) was collected by on-site staff after each day of activation.

Will I be able to measure the Experiential Marketing Return-on-Investment for my programs?

Absolutely. We’ve developed an 8-step learning path where a short video anchors a set of tutorials walking you through how to engage the ROI dashboards and build your in-house data collection, analysis, and reporting solution.

And when you need us, a seasoned Event Analyst is on call to assist with whatever questions you have. And when you need someone to jump on the team and get the job done, your dedicated Account Manager is on retainer to get it done for you.

Does my Agency have permission to use these methods with our Clients?

Yes. When you subscribe to the Experiential Marketing ROI Measurement Toolkit, you are also given a license to PortMA’s IP (Intellectual Property) to use for your commercial purposes for the length of your subscription. We only ask that you maintain the phrase “Powered by PortMA” in small font at the bottom of any resulting documents or publications.

Can you provide a demonstration of the tool before we decide to sign-up?

It would be our pleasure. Use the button below to find a convenient time for you and we can walk you through the platform and answer any questions you might have.

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