Increasing Advertising Effectiveness

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    A Consumer Segmentation/ Message Testing Case Study

    The Brand Challenge

    How do you move your advertising message, imagery, and targeting downstream faster?

    An advertising team and their Organic Coffee Client needed to do just that. They had a couple of different strong messages, a few consumer targets in mind, and storyboards the Client loved. But no one knew how they all aligned and what should be in front. In the past, the marketing team would start by spreading their ad buy thin and see what resonated then move more dollars to the message and target that responded. However, this was expensive, took time, and didn’t always yield optimal results. So how does the advertising move downstream faster?

    The Approach

    PortMA was asked to help solve this problem. We started with some in-depth conversations … [Register above for the full case study.]

    The Research Strategy

    The research strategy focused on uncovering what we didn’t know, using that to hone the message, and then testing … [Register above for the full case study.]

    • In-Depth Interviews. We organized the possible consumer targets into four key groups: 1) those who buy organic coffee and 2) those who buy organic food, but not … [Register above.]

    What Did We Learn?

    All consumers in the category bought organic due to … [Register above.]

    • Market Survey. This, and much more gave us a lot to work with. The creative team re-worked their … [Register above.]

    What Did We Learn?

    Of the three possible brand positioning statements, … [Register above for.]

    How The Results Were Used

    The agency creative team … [Register above.]