Brand Health / Customer Satisfaction

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Stemming Customer/ Client/ Employee Churn

At PortMA, we believe that the more a brand health study can uncover what isn’t working for customers (or Clients) the more a brand can get healthier. 

But it’s not an easy process for any organization to go through.

We take a consultative approach to Brand Health and Customer Satisfaction research. As marketing professionals, we know that overcoming barriers to purchase is as important as the message-to-market match. 

It’s a custom approach grounded with a set of research objectives we have found to be useful:

  • Problem Experience. Identify the problems customers/ clients face, their frequency, and their relative impact on churn.
  • Contact Experience. Uncover how customers/ clients contact for support, what that contact experience is like, and identify the gaps in an organization’s support processes.
  • Lifecycle Touchpoint Priorities. Identify how an organization performs across the lifecycle of touchpoints and which of these lifecycle stages matter most to customers and clients.
  • Competitive Position. Consider the organization’s competitive position in the market and how relative strengths or challenges drive competitive opportunities or risks.

We advocate for a full audit of an organization’s relationship with its customers or clients and then track the impact of improvement initiatives over time. 

“It’s a custom approach grounded with a set of research objectives we have found to be useful.”

Most organizations use their house-list. PortMA develops a custom email invitation to a web-based survey; sending the emails on your behalf or supporting your in-house IT to do so. When using these research techniques for competitor analysis we turn to online panels and 3rd party customer lists.

PortMA monitors and manages data collection, completes a full analysis of the resulting data, and delivers the results in a consultative briefing. Our report briefings are designed to bring the full project team through the findings and facilitate discussion around the next steps.

PortMA is your partner in the design, data collection, analysis, reporting, and implementation of a customer/ client improvement initiative for your organization.