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Expert Integration Support

You build the software and technology solutions that tie the back-end of the industry together. We understand these systems and related technology. And we use this understanding to help you bridge the gap between data collection and data insights. 

Hundreds of brands and dozens of agencies have used PortMA’s experimental measurement and reporting methods to implement their event management software more effectively. 

We don’t sell software. We’re marketing analysts who understand how to make your software work harder.

  • PortMA will design your data collection, analysis, and reporting strategy for your clients on your platform. 
  • We show you what metrics to collect and train your Clients’ account team on how to use what data they’ve collected.

We offer a proven metrics methodology based on hundreds of event management software engagements. PortMA will interview stakeholders and identify the right metrics to collect. We monitor your dashboards, highlight best practices, and follow-up on data quality challenges. 

We leverage your dashboards and provide ad-hoc analysis and reporting solutions so you don’t have to rebuild your software for a one-off need.

You and your Clients will see better data, better insights, and better return-on-investment when your platform is Powered by PortMA.