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Making Better Decisions

Any data or research process has to start with the end in mind. The smartest consumer profiling interviews or event survey questions won’t matter if you don’t know exactly what you’re going to do with the data after you collect it.

And your role is unique. The decisions you need to make are different than other professionals (even ones in your own organization).  

PortMA understands this and that is why we tailor our analysis, reporting, and even the nature of our research design to suit your individual decision-making needs. Because the only thing that matters here is that you have data that helps you make better business decisions.

We have resource solutions and reporting techniques specially tailored for brand managers, marketing strategists, experiential marketers, meeting & event producers, festival producers, venue managers, and data platform providers.

Tailored Solutions

  • Brand Managers need to know their marketing is working and benefit greatly from the right benchmarks to evaluate their agency partners and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 
  • Marketing Strategists are focused on consumer profiles, message testing, and brand positions that will communicate a unique value proposition to consumers.
  • Experiential Marketing Professionals need the right event survey questions to deliver against their KPIs. PortMA serves as an inside advisor to help make sure their leveraging key learning and improving their marketing before it’s too late to turn a negatively trending ROI positive.
  • Meeting And Event Producers are working to serve multiple masters. From front line staff dealing with catering to brand managers worried about working dollars and impact, to finances worried about costs and ROI. PortMA uses a stakeholder centric approach to measuring the ROI of Meeting and Events.
  • Producers and Venue Managers need to prove value to their sponsors but also evaluate the success of the event on multiple levels.  From registration/ ticketing to content, take-aways, and re-attend; the decisions a producer needs to make when planning their events and the variety of stakeholders they are accountable to requires a strong data and insights engine.
  • Data Platform Providers. The engine that moves all of marketing forward is the army of data platform providers who are delivering expert technology solutions and platforms that tie the back-end of the industry together. PortMA understands these systems and associated technology. We bridge the gap between data collection and data insights.

Fully Customized or Best Practice Solutions

PortMA’s suite of marketing research solutions ranges from highly customized to standardized best practices. We serve the movers and shakers in the marketing world with expert knowledge of marketing analytics and market research that we use to provide full measurement and reporting project management.  

Do it your way from scratch with our fully customized solutions or learn from the hits and misses of others with our experiential marketing benchmarking reports.

To learn more about our marketing research solutions, please contact our expert team at PortMA today.