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Measuring with Stakeholders in Mind

Consider the people you’re reporting to and the decisions they need to make. 

Insights Are Relative. 

Relative to the decisions people have to make. And your reporting will be insightful when you are able to match the right data with the right people in the event marketing ecosystem.  

You’ll find there are three types of stakeholders who are looking for insights from your event marketing reports.

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Front-line Staff

These stakeholders care about the quality of the experience delivered. They are focused on logistics, participant reaction, and perceived value. 

Front line staff in the event marketing space are trying to answer questions like “Should I change the registration process?” or “Was the flow and schedule right for our guests?” 

To answer these questions they need information that tells them (for example) if anything about the registration process limited guest attendance or how well one session’s attendance compared to another.

Event Organizers

These are the managers and creators of the experience design and idea.  They care about the impact their event had on participants.

Insight for Event Organizers is going to speak to what guests learned and how they applied this learning after the event. They are looking to decide on session content and speakers. And they want to maximize repeat attendance and guest loyalty.

They’re asking questions like “what was learned,” “did guests internalize the knowledge,” “what skills did attendees develop,” or “did guests change their post-event attitude or behavior?”

Event Finance Teams

Then there are the stakeholders who are paying the bills. They hold the budgets, decide what is spent, and will decide if more or less is warranted next year. 

The event marketing Financers care about value and return-on-investment. They care about the consequences. They’re trying to decide if the event was the right use of time and money in the first place. They wonder if the funds would have been better spent elsewhere. 

They need information about how guests changed their attitude or behavior in ways that saved their organization time or money. They want to know if the revenue earned or saved justified the spend (ROI).

Each of these stakeholder types in the event marketing ecosystem relies on you to deliver the information they need to make the right decisions next time. 

PortMA understands this world and how to craft, lead, and deliver on an event marketing measurement and reporting process to deliver against these needs.

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