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Positioning Your Agency Partners for Success

Marketing works when the brand’s agency partners are targeting the right message to the right consumer. PortMA’s brand strategy research solutions develop or validate consumer targeting strategies.

We deconstruct the behaviors and perspectives of the right consumers to deliver input into copywriting, campaign themes, and uncover the aspects of the brand story that will resonate.

… and if you’re doing Experiential:

You want to know your experiential marketing campaign is going to be successful. The right experiential marketing benchmarks allow you to evaluate your agency partners and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide direction and drive success.  

Brand managers who work with PortMA are confident that their marketing and advertising agency partners are developing marketing concepts and targeting strategies that are downstream sooner than would otherwise be the case. We reduce the size of your marketing funnel and get you closer to buying customers sooner.

Consumer Segmentation/ Message Testing Services