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Sponsorship Marketing ROI
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Our in-house data warehouse is used to produce ready-to-download industry reports that provide clear insight into the engagement efficiencies, reach, consumer impact, and marketing return-on-investment of festivals across the United States.
This report provides sponsorship insights that will help you close more sponsors and more accurately recap your own show.

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Sponsorship ROI and Sponsor Reporting

Your festival is getting bigger every year. Brands and agencies notice. The opportunities for bigger renewals or new sponsors are great. You just need to tell the story about what is working and how well it’s working!

You’re in the middle of the
relationship between Brand, Agency, and Venue.

Everyone wants to know how to turn the budget into more “working dollars” without losing the “cool.” You have to figure out how to merge what the brand wants with what the venue will tolerate, the agency can pull off, and the consumers will want to attend.

PortMA has been measuring the impact of sponsorship marketing since 2010 and has the only Events Sponsorship Marketing performance benchmarking database available. 

When you speak to a Sponsorship Marketing Analyst on the PortMA team you’ll have someone who can develop a custom measurement and reporting solution for you to use to deliver tailored reports to each individual sponsor.

Sponsorship Marketing Custom Measurment Services