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FEAT. USE CASE VIDEOS for Experiential Analytics

Welcome to PortMA Academy! PortMA Academy features Experiential Analytics training videos and tutorials to help you clearly communicate the reach, impact, and return-on-investment.

You crafted a hard-working experiential program. We’re here to help you prove it.

Experiential Marketing Measurement Crash Course

Video Length: 8 minutes 33 seconds

Start here! This 8-minute video will give you an overview of the PortMA Measurement and Benchmarking strategy for experiential analytics. You’ll find this video will give you some context for the other videos and, really, PortMA’s overall approach to measurement.

1 | Performance Benchmarks

Field Staff Benchmarks for Performance Evaluation and Management Action

2 | Budget Benchmarks

Benchmarking Experiential Budgets for a Competitive Advantage and Fair Pricing

3 | Consumer Targeting

How Demographic Profiling Benchmarks Increase the Rate of Successful Consumer Targeting

4 | Consumer Awareness

Using Brand Awareness Benchmarks for Campaign Development and Greater Impact

5 | Campaign Impact

Using Impact Benchmarks to Develop Stronger Activation Strategies and Better Venue Selection

6 | ROI Benchmarks

How to Use ROI Benchmarks to Develop a Winning Campaign

We hope you have the opportunity to review each of these experiential marketing videos. We recommend viewing them in order because each one works to build on the ideas presented in the one before. The first video provides an overview of the data collection and measurement process. This video, video “zero” or “Crash Course,” will provide you with the detailed methodology on how the data was collected in the benchmarks presented in subsequent videos.

If you ever find yourself stuck or with a question, you are welcome to contact us directly. We’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

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