Auditing Sampling Staff in Event Marketing

Written by PortMA

Auditing Sampling Staff in Event Marketing

buy Gabapentin online Over the past decade, I’ve seen hundreds of event marketing campaigns. For most of them, I have been in the unique position of measuring the reach, impact, and ROI of the campaign itself.

Kamaishi I’ve found that, regardless of how impressive the footprint or how spectacular the creative, at the end of the day, there is one thing that will make even a low-budget, undersized footprint shine. Conversely, that same thing can make the most impressive, money-is-no-option-experience fall flat.

buy cheap isotretinoin online It’s the event staff

You do everything you can to match the right consumer experience with the right venue and the right consumer. When all these things come together and the marketing is on message, the consumer perceives the value at a better level. All of your hard work is for naught if the staff are back in the corner, sitting on the table talking or, worse yet, never even show up at the footprint.

At PortMA, we work with a lot of event staff to train and advise on the accurate collection of consumer input and event-staff recap data. We’ve heard more than a few times how important it is to agency account teams that they simply know that the staff is on-site, on time, and leaving only after they’ve done everything expected of them

There’s an app for that

PortMA uses a single app on a brand ambassador’s iOS device. They download the free app, sync it with our servers. Having done that they many then check in, record consumer input, record event recap data, upload photos, and check out.

In the background, the checking-in and checking-out process includes a date and time stamp and records the GPS coordinates. We are able to report to the account teams who was where they were supposed to be and who was at home on the couch.

Most of the time, everyone is doing what they should be. But, when you have 5,000 events executing within two months, you’re bound to have some staffers who bend the rules. PortMA’s Field Staff Tracking App takes the work out of it all. You can audit your staffing agency payroll and ensure that you have the best staff on site.

Auditing sampling staff does not have to be left to guesswork. PortMA’s field staff auditing tools can give you the information you need to manage even the biggest event marketing programs.