Case Study: Measuring An Experiential Mobile Tour

Written by PortMA

Case Study: Measuring An Experiential Mobile Tour

The Brand Challenge

A national consumer brand delivers services online, but competes in an industry that has local sales representatives. Smartly so, the brand uses a multi-team mobile tour to increase broad local awareness and drive consumer leads, preferences and adoptions.

The Campaign

The Agency had four large-rig mobile tours with several break-out teams visit sporting arenas, NASCAR and other races, large festivals and fairs, home and boat shows and everything in between. Several hundred events covered most of the United States over a 10-month period.

The Measurement Strategy

A strategy is needed that will clearly measure the volume and efficiency of lead generation to maximize the productivity of the campaigns reach. Event patron demographics and psycho-graphic profiles need to be monitored on an event-by-event basis to validate and fine-tune the routing schedule. The program impact needs to be measured to support the ongoing business development process, but also to profile those events that are generating the greatest return-on-investment (ROI).
Client-ready reports are needed several times a month to update the comprehensive amount of in-market activity. However, these reports shouldn’t tell the Client what they already know. The Client is a mature, large brand with their own in-house research departments. The ongoing reports, the recap PowerPoint presentations and the overall Account Team intelligence has to be unique – something they would get only by leveraging their experiential activation.
PortMA developed and deployed a series of custom, consumer surveys and gathered industry experts to deliver ongoing reporting that shares actionable insights about competitive activity, geographic/ regional consumer variations, industry trends/ legislation that impacts the campaign’s results, and actual post-event consumer behavior and resulting revenue.

Key Findings/ Insights

  • Airshows delivered 21% more leads per activation than festivals with a 9% higher qualification rate.
  • Three out of four (75%) current customers (22% of patrons) report they were more likely to stay with the Brand after visiting the event.
  • Over one-tenth (12%) of non-customers reported an intention to switch after their event experience. One-in-twenty (3%) switched to the Brand in the 3 months following the event and close to one-tenth (7%) had switched within 6 months of the event.

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