Chicken, or egg?

Written by PortMA

Have you ever heard the ‘chicken or the egg’ causality dilemma?  Commonly, this is referred to as, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  I cannot tell you how many arguments I have been privy to over the importance of an excellent product or event to market versus the need for actual good marketing efforts.  And, I can understand why most are on either side of the fence.
For example, without an excellent product or event to market, there is well, nothing to work with.  But, good marketing efforts, can only go so far before consumers rage at a lack of quality product, service, etc.  Simply, hype, for the sake of hype is just going to piss people off.  I, for one, am wary of the boom, boom, pow (to borrow from the Black Eyed Peas) flashiness that is common in most marketing industry circles.
So is a quality product, or a crowded event the chicken, or is it the egg?  Do we develop a great item before worrying about how to strategically place it?  How does researchers measure what really matters?  And on that note, what metrics work best to measure purchase intent, or likelihood to recommend?
I would say, generically, it depends.  Here’s at PortMA, we’re equipped to answer these confusing questions.  For instance, today I spend the morning re-formatting templates to better present information necessary for key decision making for one client.  Simultaneously, I answered a call from another client to discuss purchase intent variation across three geographic market regions.
I know, it can be awfully overwhelming, but let us help you decipher the layers of meaning, we might even be able to tell you if it’s the chicken, or the egg…