Extending Your Agency Brand with Measurement

Written by PortMA

Extending Your Agency Brand with Measurement

RulerI wrote a strategy today that focused on building out a fully customized experiential measurement strategy that is unique to the one Agency and something no-one else will do.
A Problem With Experiential Measurement
The mandate seems problematic on the surface.

First of all, what we do for each and every brand we believe is the best option for that brand.  If we’re suppose to do something that is first and foremost unique, than we may find ourselves having to do something less than what we think is best (casting aside the best option because it’s been done before).

Second, how do we build something we think is wonderful with the commitment that we won’t do the same thing for anyone else.  We see our trade as evolving and what we learn from one agency, we apply to the measurement strategy for another and over time, we get truly great at what we do.

But while these are legitimate problems, I see the Agency’s position.  They want something unique.  Our business is growing because it’s becoming fairly standard for an Experiential Agency to have a solid measurement strategy as a part of their campaigns. This Agency doesn’t want what everyone else is doing.  They want something they can call their own.
How To Make Your Experiential Measurement Unique
So how did we plan to solve this problem?  The answer was living within their brand.  The Agency we’re working with here has a wonderful niche within the experiential world and is a true leader in that niche.  We simply need to know their brand as well as they do and find the approach to measurement that embodies those unique brand values.
When the plan is completed it’ll be uniquely theirs.  It’ll be theirs because we’ll align it perfectly with their unique value proposition.  It’ll fit perfectly for anyone working with them and terribly for anyone else.
So on the surface it seemed like an un-manageable task but after some careful thought, all the pieces fell right into place.
If you’d like to speak with us about building a custom measurement solution for your Experiential Agency, just give us a call.
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