Going Beyond Experiential Marketing Analytics

Written by PortMA

Going Beyond Experiential Marketing Analytics

Going Beyond Experiential Marketing Analytics“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” — Duke Ellington
We take a partnership approach with our clients, offering research strategies and solutions that help them see the value of their experiential marketing campaigns. Recently, we’ve begun to take a broader look at how we help our clients solve common problems. We recognize that not all problems are solved by research design and methodology. There are certain challenges that are research-related, such as data collection tools. To that end, we are expanding our suite of services.

A Coaching Series

This self-directed service is geared toward anyone tasked with figuring out how to measure the impact and value of an experiential marketing campaign. It is a short series of videos that provide a framework for how to think about event marketing measurement, including specific data to collect in field, organizing existing or new data in a way that will ensure insights, and creating simple, yest powerful reports to show the return-on-investment of any campaign. There are three tiers designed to fit any level of engagement and any budget.

A Benchmarking Database

We have take over five years of analyzing experiential marketing data and created a powerful benchmarking database based upon hundreds of successful brand marketing campaign. We incorporate results from this database in our client recap reports so that they have a benchmark for their campaign. PortMA offers full access to this database through a commercial license. This unique solution effectively demonstrates how and when experiential campaigns generate a positive return-on-investment.

A Field Staff Tracking & Reporting App

PortMA will soon be releasing a data collection app that streamlines the data-gathering process. The goal is to help clients easily keep abreast of program activity. All event data can be collected and stored in one place using an iPad or other iOS device, including event recap metrics, event photos, consumer surveys, and more. The app has many benefits. The biggest may be that it solves the problem of finding a way to connect and move data to the Internet in the field. It stores all data on the mobile device so that it can be uploaded later when an Internet connection is available.
Check out our website for more information on these solutions, as well as PortMA’s traditional research services!