Hole in one

Written by PortMA

Earlier this summer, in late June, a record was set, and it was certainly unusual.  What is so interesting about a hole in one, any seasoned golfer (or Wii Sports fanatic) might ask?  Well, this hole in one travelled approximately 300+ yards before it was caught in a Mercedes-Benz zipping along at 120 mph.  Intrigued?  For the article, complete with video, click here.
Recently, I was thinking about this amazing feat, already nicknamed, the “fore-wheel drive” in passing while was kicking off a new project for a client here at PortMA.  I mean, a hole in one is impressive in itself.  BUT, a hole in one that far caught by a speeding sports car?  Now that’s beyond impressive.  For some, that type of accomplishment/ knowledge is life changing.  That makes you stop and think, “What notable thing did I do today?”
Anyway, we were in the harried/ chaotic/ whirlwind, whatever— midst of kicking off an extensive project for a client, and as I strategically mapped out the next few months with the team, I thought, this can be a “home run”, “hole in one” type of thing, or this can be an “out of the park”, “hole in one dropping into a moving car” type of thing.  (Note: I won’t normally subscribe to many more sports analogies; I think I just tapped my breadth of knowledge there.)  Sometimes, for me at the very least, it helps to set those grandiose expectations then and there, and rise to the challenge.  After all, research is aptly described as juggling, or innumerable moving pieces to think about, plan, move, manipulate, and analyze.
As I sit back and reflect of this week’s amount of work, I tip my beer to you reader and potential client.  (Oh, another neat thing about PortMA, we do Beer Fridays!)  Here’s to, well, the love of the game!