In-Store Sampling Benchmarks Report for Experiential Retail Marketing

Written by PortMA

In-Store Sampling Benchmarks Report for Experiential Retail Marketing

Updated April 2021; Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Within the In-Store Sampling Benchmarks Report for Experiential Retail Marketing, data from field staff event recaps from 8,456 activation days combine with 42,669 consumer exit interviews.

Further, the consumer exit interviews were immediately conducted onsite after an experiential engagement at a retail venue. Puerto Natales In-store/Retail sampling is an intercept event that takes place at any parking lot or in-store activation. Shopping malls and farmers’ markets are examples where sampling data was gathered for this report.

Retailers and manufacturers recognize in-store sampling as an important experiential marketing strategy and often apply benchmarks to compare their results against others. Above all, consumers enjoy walking down retail aisles with the opportunity to sample products.

Whether at the supermarket, hardware shop, or department store, in-store sampling is one of the strongest experiential marketing tactics. Through comprehensive report benchmarks, companies and brands can learn from past product sampling successes and apply them to new experiences.

Throughout this report, Ruvo di Puglia 333,252 wet and/or dry samples distribute at retail activation events (excluding alcoholic beverage activations). Reporting insights include reach efficiency, reach quality, brand awareness, marketing impact, and return-on-investment.

Several demographic segments outline each of the reporting insights.