Experiential Marketing Research & Proactive Communication

Written by PortMA

Experiential Marketing Research & Proactive Communication

Proactive Communication in Experiential Marketing ResearchCommunication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” – Rollo May

There are a number of factors that contribute to building a cohesive, effective team – a group of people who can, and do, work well together. One of the most important factors is the ability to communicate effectively and proactively. The need for effective, proactive communication extends well beyond our internal team. It needs to define our interactions with vendors and clients as well. At PortMA we strive for effective, proactive communication in all phases of our work.

It helps us stay aligned with research objectives and strategy.

Proactive communication anticipates and addresses potential questions and issues before they arise. It helps to minimize misunderstandings. We are able to effectively execute our experiential marketing research methodology and let clients know what we’re doing and why why we’re doing it. This promotes a high degree of comfort for our clients – especially those unfamiliar with experiential marketing research methodology.

It creates a transparent work environment.

When we communicate proactively, vertically or horizontally, internally or externally, we promote a sense of confidence, trust, and authenticity. This boosts morale and strengthens our relationships with our clients and vendors.

It helps us manage capacity and workflow .

  • From an internal perspective, we benefit by looking at the layout of, not just one project, but all of the projects for which we are responsible. We review milestones and timelines, not just in the context of our own work, but also in the context of how that work impacts our colleagues. This allows us to be more flexible and resilient, able to adjust to shifting priorities as needed .
  • From an external perspective, PortMA’s proactive communication style distinguishes us in the industry.
    • Our most valuable assets are our team and our ability to establish meaningful relationships with each other, our vendors, and our clients.
    • Our approach to experiential marketing research is one of partnership.
    • Our analysts work closely with clients and offer expertise from both the marketing and research perspectives. This helps us to better meet the objectives of each strategy across a variety of projects and programs.

Proactive communication is great way to connect with others. It’s how we communicate, from the time we launch our research, in all of our interactions, and all the way to our final report. It’s something colleagues, vendors, and clients appreciate. It’s at the heart of all we do.
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