Launching a Research Project: Best Practices

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Launching a Research Project: Best Practices

The workload of a market research manager during the first quarter entails launching new projects for the coming year. Many experiential and traditional market research projects run over the course of several months. Accordingly, the planning process can get fairly complex and demanding because clients typically want results as soon as possible. Take a read through at some of PortMA’s Project Launch Best Practices:

Best Practices for a Research Project Launch

1. Internal Kick-Off –Upper Management meets with the assigned Research and Field Services Managers to share the information gathered during the business development phase.

2. Methodology Development – The Research Manager uses information from the Internal Kick-Off to draft a comprehensive PowerPoint document.  The document outlines the research plan. The development step covers research objectives, logistics for data collection, survey drafts, reporting calendars, and next steps.

3. Client Kick-Off – After reviewing the Methodology internally, we share the newly-created PowerPoint document with the client. Together, we discuss it in detail by phone, web conference, or in person. Communication is key in this stage. Each party puts questions, concerns, opportunities, and experience on the table in a collaborative process.

Launching a Research Project – Sounds easy, right?

The three main steps of PortMA’s Project Launch Process initiate the launch of any research initiative. These best practices help guide our clients through project launches whether it is their first or fifteenth time.

If you are interested in learning more about the practices employed by PortMA, please contact us. Someone from our team will be happy to help.

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