Six Things You Can Do In Event Marketing to Increase Response

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Six Things You Can Do In Event Marketing to Increase Response

My Awesome Experience Building a Predictive Model
This post contains a magnificent set of six, scientifically-proven principles that, when combined, can create a road map to improved experiental marketing success. Each idea can be used ethically and, often without cost, to radically increase the impact of your event marketing. All you have to do is learn these principles and put them into practice.
If you’re in the field of marketing (and take your field seriously), you’ll find the video below the best 11 minutes and 50 seconds you spend today (and maybe even this month).
It will show you what causes us to say “yes.”

The fact is that we don’t take in all the information available to us when making a decision. We use shortcuts.
And there are six specific shortcuts that you can use to ethically move people closer to “yes” in less time.


See how waiters increased tips by 24% once they fully understood the social obligations people feel to say “yes” when they have been given a gift. Finally, a scientific argument for why we hand out premiums. But are you handing them out correctly? See what you can learn from the wait staff techniques in the video.


Learn what happened to Virgin Airways flights when they used the principles of Scarcity to promote one route over another. People want more of those things that they can only get less of. How can you use this to create fever at your next event?


A real estate office receptionist increased signed contracts by 15% when she applied the simple principle of Authority. There are so many implications to Brand Ambassador training here that you’ll have to watch the video for yourself.


Neighborhood participation in a public safety program jumped 400% when the idea of small, consistent and achievable commitments were used in a particular sequential order. Does this give you any ideas about how to modify the footprint stations at your next large event?


Business cooperation increased from 55% to 90% when this idea was used. There are three factors that help us identify who we like. Knowing these three will give you a leg up when presenting your self or your brand.


Hotel guest participation in conservation increased 26% and then jumped to 33% simply by applying this principle. We are social animals. Reminding people of their herd makes a difference. Look at how changing just two words on a sign increased participation from 26 to 33%.

The science of persuasion is overwhelming. What do you think? Watch the video and come back and tell us if there is anything you’ll apply to your next event strategy.
I bet you there are at least three things you will do differently.
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