Travel & Leisure Event Marketing Quality vs. Quantity

Written by PortMA

Travel & Leisure Event Marketing Quality vs. Quantity

TravelYesterday we presented to an agency partner on a travel and leisure industry mobile tour.
This is the third year we’ve been called in the help measure this travel and leisure tour. It’s always nice to have the year-over-year comparisons to understand how different activation strategies change the outcome as we return to the same market.
We try to recap each event for the agency team in a way that they can pass through directly to their client (we deliver under their branding). This report, however, was designed to be a more comprehensive, mid-program recap.

The travel tour went through a major overhaul this year.

We moved from an historically successful, large footprint to a smaller, yet more engaging experience. As expected, we’re seeing fewer engagements – about 12 fewer per hour than previous years. Engagements are about 18% lower so far this year. The current experience takes longer and, while there are multiple ways for consumers to engage simultaneously, the throughput is designed to extend each of these engagements, making this key “reach” metric low compared to past years.

The quality of engagement is generating better returns.

The “take rates” for the different calls to action (requesting more information, sweeps sign-ups, etc.) are up by as much as 69% compared to historical averages. We have encountered a classic quality vs. quantity issue where, because the agency is doing it right, the quality side is winning. It’s nice to be able to help the account team demonstrate this to their Client.
We’ll assists the account team with their presentation to their Client in a few weeks.  We’ll look at reach and travel market variations, then combine those with market intelligence and round out the discussion with some grounding ROI figures.
Most markets and components are showing strong results. There are a few areas where the tour will need to tighten things up, but that’s why we measure. And it’s why we report before things are over: So you have time to make the experience even better.
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