The Value of Employing a Research Manager Seasoned in Your Event Marketing Product’s Category

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The Value of Employing a Research Manager Seasoned in Your Event Marketing Product’s Category

Research managers at agencies are sometimes assigned to lead the research efforts for a variety of products and services in multiple industries. It’s actually one of the reasons I love working at PortMA. I get to work on a variety of programs that assist with the marketing efforts of everything from wine and spirits to consumer goods and from insurance to tourism.

Sure, I like some programs more than others, but it beats working in a dungeon at Coca-Cola analyzing data for Sprite my entire career. (At least that is how I picture the research managers for Sprite. I’m sure it’s much more glamorous than that.)

The upside of working on Sprite research your entire career is that those research managers know the industry and data trends of carbonated beverages like no one else. Which may be a pitfall for a research manager like me . I might be a jack of all trades or master of none. Or am I?

How PortMA determines who manages a new project

When new work comes into PortMA, upper management assigns the project to the manager who is the “best fit.” I have done a lot of work with insurance here at PortMA, so when a new insurance project comes in, it’s a no-brainer. It goes to me.

The client gets an experienced analyst (if I do say so myself), not only in research in general, but a person with a keen understanding of their industry.

Advantages of a seasoned project manager in your industry

I can eyeball trends in data and, from the knowledge I have from other insurance programs I have worked on, provide a frame of reference as to whether or not they are doing well, poorly, or mediocre. I can also add industry insight because I follow what is going on within the insurance world through newsletters, industry magazine subscriptions, and webinars. If I find something really good, the first thing I do is forward it to my clients.

I had a client a couple of years ago who needed actual purchase filters for a value model for an insurance program – I provided an educated estimate because I have been there and done that with other insurance programs.

Now don’t think I spill the beans, “Well, XYZ Brand did this, and this is how they do that.” No, information like that is handled anonymously and professionally.

Think of it like a compass. We help point programs in the right direction without actually giving them a map. The flow of information is back and forth. Anything I learn from a new client that can help a returning client is shared.

Need help with the research for your next experiential program for an insurance brand? I’m your girl.

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