Year-To-Year Impact Paints a Bigger Picture

Written by PortMA

Year-To-Year Impact Paints a Bigger Picture

PaintThis week we presented a recap report to our client measuring the impact of a mobile tour for an organization.  The research strategy was modeled after the previous year so that we would be able to draw comparisons to past results. The changes from one year to the next were the most fascinating part of the analysis.

Patron Profiles

Comparing this year’s patron profile to the previous year’s indicated that the tour interacted with more event patrons in 2013  than in 2012 who had considered joining the organization (46% in 2013; 40% in 2012).  Similarly, more of the patrons had considered joining this particular organization (17% in 2013; 13% in 2012) prior to their event experience.
It should come as no surprise that when patrons were asked about their likelihood to actually join this specific organization following their experience, 35% said they were likely to join, a nine percentage point increase from 2012.  This suggests that the tour teams were more successful this year at reaching patrons who were more eager to join the organization and at helping put it at the forefront of their minds.

Patron Takeaways

Patrons were asked what their main takeaway was from the footprint. We saw a significant increase in those who left with “financial benefits” on their mind (31% in 2013; 20% in 2012).  This allows us to speculate about a couple things:

  • Perhaps patrons are more concerned about their future earnings, or
  • Perhaps the tour teams realized this already and bolstered their efforts toward educating potential recruits regarding future earnings.

Research Strategy

Regardless, the result led us to suggest developing specific brand-messaging around the future financial benefits for next year’s program in hopes of raising the “join intent” even higher.
The ability to compare this year’s results to the previous year opened up another layer of insight that will be invaluable when measuring long-term success of a marketing program.  The opportunity to measure this program again next year will further enhance our research.
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