Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic Study (Staley, 1977)

Written by Chris Clegg

Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic Study (Staley, 1977)

The Published Study Behind “Impressions per Vehicle Mile” Now Available to PortMA Toolkit Subscribers. The source of the often-sited 101 impressions generated per all-purpose vehicle miles. Great for soundbites on the value of a wrapped vehicle in the activation strategy.

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Looking to quantify your mobile advertisement?

Experiential Marketers can determine the impression value of their experiential marketing campaign by examining the Impact of branded vehicles. Staley (1977) researched how many impressions are generated by advertisements on trucks driving on the highway – an average truck can generate 5 million impressions annually.

Quantifying impression value is critical for marketers and advertisement sellers alike as this will help to understand campaign costs and, thus, provide the groundwork for accurate ROI analysis. In this study, Staley not only calculates the number of impressions different trucks will generate by mile and hour in a given location but also identifies best practices for advertisement placement on a mobile truck.

This study, and other experiential marketing resources, are available to those with access to the Experiential ROI Measurement Toolkit.

How to Count Impressions from a Wrapped Vehicle

Truck advertisements create millions of impressions annually, targeting your key demographic and increasing awareness.

Truck advertisements, or mobile billboards, are a tried-and-true marketing strategy designed to increase the reach of a product or service. But how many impressions is the mobile billboard generating?

This study aimed to ascertain how many people see trucks when driving in traffic over an hour, a year, or a mile. With this data, mobile billboard impressions can be quantified and used to calculate mobile impressions, which are essential to experiential marketing campaign ROI.

The Average Combination Truck Generates 5MM Impressions per Year.

Get the most out of your mobile billboard by understanding how truck advertisements are quantified.
This study gives a comprehensive breakdown of mobile impressions for various types of truck advertisements.

Average combination trucks travel 49,000 miles annually – increasing to more than 77,700 miles for higher engagement levels. With other vehicles on the road (and assuming someone is driving that other vehicle), those truck advertisements are impressing upon the other drivers – 5 million annual impressions for an average combination truck, according to Staley.

This extensive study also examines best practices for placing the ad on the truck (i.e., front vs. rear of vehicle) and the impact the advertisement has on a driver vs. a pedestrian.

How a Wrapped Vehicle Generates Value

Advertisers and Marketers can capture the impression value of mobile billboards to quantify marketing campaigns.

Professionals in the marketing world looking to target a specific demographic in a particular market can benefit from quantifying the impact of a truck advertisement. Also, trucking companies who are selling their advertising space can benefit from this study. Understanding how much of an impact their advertisement has on a particular audience can add leverage to negotiations.

The Best Place to Put Branding on a Wrapped Vehicle

Staley (1977) states that the average combination truck – traveling 49,000 miles annually – will generate five million impressions. To facilitate the impression data, tables in this report show the number of impressions per mile and hour for each highway system type examined. Staley also discusses the most effective placement for advertisement (e.g., advertisement on the back of a truck vs. the sides) and impact on drivers vs. pedestrians.

Marketers and advertisers need to know how many impressions are generated to understand campaign cost and, thus, calculate the true ROI of their campaign.