Working Remote – PortMA’s Tools and Approach (S1-E035-02)

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Working Remote – PortMA’s Tools and Approach (S1-E035-02)

Part One of this blog focused on tools to make remote working easier. In Part Two, we focus a little more on the approach we take at PortMA to keep our team connected. Every business is different and has its own requirements when it comes to organizing teams. However, if your company employs knowledgeable workers and your ideas are essentially the product of your labors, this model will be useful. It works well for marketers, data analysts, and other businesses in connected areas.

If you missed Part One, you can find it here.

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An Office – But Not as You Know it

One of the guiding principles we defined for our approach to remote working was an attempt to recreate standard office behaviors, including:

  • Saying hello and goodbye at the beginning and the end of the day
  • Letting people know when we’re leaving for lunch or otherwise stepping out
  • Creating opportunities to ask a quick question across the desk

All these have helped our teams feel connected and truly work as part of a team. We strongly believe that companies should never take these small interactions for granted.

(You can listen to the full episode of the podcast below.)

Getting To See Each Other

Another critical part of our approach to remote working is our emphasis on seeing each other on a daily basis. Using video conference calls has made our communications richer, and, as a result, we’re more connected.

Video conferencing allows you to see how people are responding to things. You will get more from a facial expression than an email. Facial expressions are such a large part of the communications we do. There is so much that’s non-verbal. Video conferencing helps address a large percentage of that.

A New Approach to Experiential Marketing

It’s not news that experiential marketing as an industry took a big hit during the pandemic. As a consequence, we feel that our approach to supporting the experiential marketing and events industry needs to change, too.

At PortMA, we’ve been lucky to be able to diversify our revenue. For a lot of our clients, however, the situation has not been easy, so we’re working to support them and be as flexible as we can be to allow the industry to come back stronger.

Part of the changes we’re making relate to our podcasts and blogs. We want to look for a new approach to demystifying data. What does that mean in practice? There is a growing number of individuals we’d love to interview and talk to share their stories and experience in the industry and beyond.

This is an amazing industry in which we’re all working together. Granted, the last two years were tough, but we can certainly come back stronger together.

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