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  • Experiential Marketing Benchmarks Report (Fully Indexed PDF)
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Consumer Packaged Goods
Consumer Foods; Pet Food & Treats; Grains, Pasta, & Sides; Personal Care Products; Non-Alcoholic Beverage; Cookies, Snacks, and Candies

Adult Beverage
Rum; Wine; Vodka; Liqueur; Bourbon & Whiskey

Venue/ Event Type
Retail, Sponsorship Marketing, Intercept Venue Activations, Destination Venue Activations

Clicking on the individual report titles provides details including the table of contents and report extracts. All Experiential Marketing Benchmarks Reports are industry or venue specific; covering a wide range of economic, performance, impact, and return-on-investment benchmarks.


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Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sampling: Experiential Marketing Benchmarks (Reach, Impact, and ROI)

PortMA’s Non-Alcoholic Beverage category includes the sampling of Coffee & Tea, Juice & Juice Drinks, Milk, Soft Drinks, and Water brands. This report is derived from the field staff...

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Report Overview

No. of Events: 570

No. of Consumer Interviews: 11,398

No. of Consumer Interactions: 2 Million

Industry: CPG - Food & Beverage, Nonalcoholic Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Juice and Juice Drinks, Milk, Soft Drink, Water

Event Type: Multiple venue types